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Happy New Year – Training restarts tonight!

We would like to wish all of our RTK family a very healthy, happy, and prosperous 2018.

We hope you are all ready to set and chase your goals, ambitions and dreams with passion and purpose, and make the next 12 months the best of your life so far. All the best for a magnificent year ahead.

Once again, we look forward to making this year another special year, thank you all for being a great part of it all.

Classes start again this evening and we are running a full schedule.

So much was achieved in 2017 and there is so much on our new calendar to be looking forward to.

We’ll have new classes opening in new areas, new Instructors starting their own classes, the UTW, Squad Selections, Tournaments, JKS Courses and much more………..

We have a Brown and Black belt Course next Saturday 20th January at the National Taekwondo Centre which will certainly be a tough one for all senior grades to blow away those Christmas cobwebs and unwanted insulation! Haha!

Sadly, Steve Tipton Sensei can no longer commit to teaching the Leigh class and he will be missed by his students and the Instructor team. Aurelie Girault has been promoted to Instructor and will take over this class starting tomorrow evening. Best of luck to both Aurelie Girault in her new role as Instructor and Steve Tipton and his family who have been a great part of our Club over the last few years. Thank you for everything.

So lets work as hard as we can over the next few weeks to sharpen up and lose those extra Christmas pounds! I know I am certainly up for it.

We look forward to seeing you all this week!