Happy New Year *** January Members Offer****


Happy New Year everyone!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and a well earned rest.

It’s that time of the year where we are all ready to get back into our training and make further progress with our Karate.

So much was achieved by our Club members last year including:

  • 29 new JKS Black Belts
  • 10 new JKS Nidans
  • More students and Instructors training in Japan
  • Two sold out Ultimate Training Weekends 
  • A Clubwide Kata & Kumite Championship with over 300 entries
  • Plenty of competitive success both regionally and nationally
  • 4 Red Tigers chosen to represent England for both the JKS and the EKF  
  • We’ve hosted 3 JKS England Courses here in Manchester with Hombu Dojo Instructors including Makita Sensei, Matsue Sensei and Arimoto Sensei
  • 4 more outstanding Karateka have been chosen as Student of the Year with 100 more being rewarded for their incredible efforts and progress throughout 2018. 

Locally, we have gone from strength to strength and maintained over 70 classes throughout Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.

We’ve said goodbye to a few Instructors and welcomed plenty of new ones who are doing fantastic job in their classes.

You simply cannot get these fantastic opportunities or this quality of instruction elsewhere.

Yet we still manage to maintain the strong friendships that bond us all together year after year through our shared love and enjoyment of karate.

Thank you all for continuing to be a part of something very special indeed, without our students, families or our dedicated Instructor teams, we would have no Club!

There’s so much more to come this year, especially the first couple of months including:

  • 2 Black and Brown Belt Course this Sunday 13th January at Thornleigh for more info click here……
  • JKS England National Squad Selections at the LKA Hombu Dojo on the 20th January
  • 3 Matt Price Sensei Courses: Kata, Kumite and Grappling at the National Taekwondo Centre on 10th February for more info click here……
  • A Kagawa Shihan visit and grading in Nottingham in March 
  • We also hope to announce the safe arrival of another baby Wolstencroft very soon and my long-awaited return to my beloved karate uniform! I will have lots of training to do when I return and look forward to torturing all of my very patient students who will probably be very sorry to have me back after the first week haha!
  • There are a couple of regional gradings coming up in Feb and invites will be given out soon to those who are ready to be assessed.
  • Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor selections will not take place until the end of Feb, so if you are interested in joining our teams then you have the next few weeks to think about it. 

So set your goals and make 2019 your year to smash them! Let’s do it together!

*****Club Members Offer*****

We are offering you the chance to win 1 month’s free training and a 1 hour private training session with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei

All you have to do it bring a friend or family member along to karate in January and we will enter you into our draw to win the prize above worth £59.

You can collect a leaflet in class or download one below. Your friend needs to fill it in and return it to the Instructor who will then bring it to the draw on 4th Feb.

Your friend or family member must be over the age of 4 years, have parental consent if under the age of 18 and be medically fit to take part.

We will announce the winner on the website on Tuesday 5th February.


*****JKS England License Check*****

There are a large number of students whose licenses have lapsed towards the end of last year.

Licenses need to be renewed annually and this can be done through your Class Instructor and cost £22 for individuals and £20 each for 2 or more in the same household.

Please bring your licenses in to be checked by your Sensei between now and mid February to make sure that yours is valid and you are insured to train. We are the only Club that does not penalise our members for late renewals, however we may be forced to implement an extra charge for late renewals if the situation worsens, to prevent people from lapsing.

We appreciate it can be a bad time of year for some financially hence why we are doing the check over the next 5 weeks. However, licensing and making sure you are training with valid member to member insurance is very important for the safety of everyone, you wouldn’t drive your car without insurance, so we need to keep on top of it at karate too.

Membership and renewals can take between 2 and 4 weeks to come through depending on how busy the JKS England office is so if you are still awaiting your book or EKF slip then please be patient. I can easily check if you are on the online licensing system and up to date so if you are unsure please email your name to info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk. 

Please note if you are on the JKS online licensing system you will have received (via the email address you stated on your application) some login details and a password to manage your JKS England account online. If you have moved house and think your slip may have gone to your old address, please login and change your address. Your EKF slip will also appear in ‘my documents’ in your online account and can be downloaded and printed off. I cannot re-order EKF slips or change addresses upon renewal unfortunately.

If you cannot find your login details, you can request new details by emailing admin@jksengland.com, but please check with us first if you are even on their system.

Your co-operation on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Happy training everyone and get finding some mates to rope in!!!!