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Great results for our Squad at the JKS England National Championships: 18/11/2018

Our RTK squad have been working hard together all year to prepare for the JKS Nationals held on Sunday 18th November at the Wildcats Arena in Nottingham.

JKS England Squad members are in attendance as well as students from up and down the country and we were really keen to put in some good performances and try to increase our medal tally from last year.

We are in great company at JKS England, home to some of the most successful coaches and competitors in the UK.

We are so proud of the way our competitors and parents stuck together and supported one another. It really does make a big difference.

Before we go on to report how the team did, I want to mention by name all the students brave enough to put themselves forward and represent our Club. Being part of such a large Club brings enormous pressure as you have everyone behind you, but they coped brilliantly and did their very best.

Huge congratulations and we are proud of the Red Tiger National Squad 2018:

Dave Robertson, Ron Matthews, Su Matthews, Greg Burton,  Lori-Ann Moran, Sam Jackson, Grace Baron, Abby Fielding, Louis Johnson, Matthew Affleck, Zak Thomas-Blackhurst, Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Kyle Girault, Izzy Baron, Ben Duckworth,  Courteney Alty,  Kairo Fellone, Lola Fellone, Gina Farrance,  Molly Austin-Hogsden, Kevin Longthorne, Jaime Pratley, Sonny Millington, Georgie Dyal, Phill Burton, Leah Clare, Coral Gavaghan and Milly Karabedian. 

Our team set out to be competitive, pick up some good experience and have a fun day. Medals are just a bonus. We are tight knit, work hard and have formed a very close bond. We are always there to support one another in what can be the best, or the most frustrating days you’ll ever have in your karate career.

With the reduced number of categories, medals were harder to come by this year but our team managed to pick up a very respectable tally of 28 medals.

I love the fact that our more experienced competitors look after our new competitors and our supporters make the most noise!

There are large number of students who were lucky enough to win medals and here are our results:


6 Gold Medals, 9 Silver Medals and 13 Bronze Medals = 28 Medals in total


Gold Medal – 1st Place

Individual Kumite – Molly Austin-Hogsden

Individual Kata – Grace Baron

Team Kata – Grace Baron, Louis Johnson & Molly Austin-Hogsden

Individual Kumite – Dave Robertson


Silver Medal – 2nd Place

Individual Kata – Izzy Baron

Individual Kumite – Grace Baron

Individual Kumite – Ron Matthews

Individual Kumite – Kairo Fellone

Team Kumite – Gina Farrance, Abby Fielding & Milly Karabedian

Team Kumite – Su Matthews & Coral Gavaghan


Bronze Medal – 3rd Place

Individual Kata – Molly Austin-Hogsden

Individual Kata – Kairo Fellone

Individual Kata – Louis Johnson

Individual Kumite – Sam Jackson

Individual Kumite – Abby Fielding

Individual Kumite – Georgie Dyal

Individual Kumite – Su Matthews

Team Kumite – Grace Baron, Molly Austin-Hogsden & Leah Clare

Team Kumite – Kairo Fellone, Matthew Affleck, Kevin Longthorne & Zak Thomas Blackhurst (Substitute due to injury)


We are so happy for everyone who medalled and saw their hard work paid off. There were few students who put in fantastic performances and were very unlucky to come away empty handed. You should be encouraged by the progress you have made and the experience you gained. Use it to motivate you to come back stronger and better next time.

There was so many great moments on the day – too many to mention here and I’m sure it’ll be a day we will never forget.

Big thanks to Mike Baron Sensei and Rob Head Sensei as always for coaching and supporting the students all day and throughout the year at squad class. It really is and exhausting job and you both worked tirelessly throughout the day to support and guide the students. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks to the parents for enabling their loved ones to represent our club and sharing in our success. Thanks especially to Amanda Thomas for organising a discounted stay at the Village Hotel. It is much appreciated by all.

Thanks to Julie Moran for co-ordinating our entries and making sure we were all entered into the correct categories. You are a star and your help is appreciated. Julie also spent the day learning how to score-keep and time-keep on Tatami 2. You did a great job, thank you so much.

Thanks to  Gary Pratley Sensei, Teresa Withington Sensei, Helen Finney Sensei, Mike Beckwith Sensei, Lily Girault Sensei, Bernadette Burton Sensei and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei for being officials and working hard throughout the day. It really is a thankless task and you cannot please everybody. We must all remember that the officials are trying their best and without them, there is no competition at all. Some of the decisions may not have gone our way but others did, it’s just the game and if you want to be successful, you’d better get used to it.

If you are inspired by our squad and would like to start competing you’ll need to train with our champs at squad class and is open to all, young and not so young, all grades from 3rd Kyu and above.

It takes place at Thornleigh Salesian High School every Monday evening between 7pm-8pm with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei, Rob Head Sensei and Mike Baron Sensei. The training fee is £6 and free for JKS England National Squad Members.

Huge thanks to Alan Sensei and Wendy Sensei and Geoff Dixon Sensei from JKS England on putting together a fantastic event for all. Great job!

What a brilliant day and a fantastic learning experience for all! Looking forward to doing it all again next year!

Here are some photos of HAPPY medal winners 🙂

(Except for Big Ron, who doesn’t look very happy!)



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