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Great Results at the Cumbrian Open: 11th June


We are so pleased to announce that our Red Tigers had an absolutely fab day at the Cumbrian Open in Penrith on Sunday 11th June.

Our  squad have been pushed hard week in, week out with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and Mike Baron Sensei every Monday evening to prepare themselves to enter a few competitions. We sent a large squad to this open-style competition and we are so proud of each an every one of our team

For some, it was their first external tournament aimed at providing them with some valuable experience and the chance to see where their karate is up to when compared with others of a similar age and grade.

We would hope that win, lose or draw, all of our competitors have been inspired to train harder and continue to improve. That is what it is all about. Behind every winner was once a beginner who got beat at lots of comps but never gave up. The difference between the winners and the losers is just determination, learning from your mistakes and getting that all important mat time. Keep working hard, carry on believing in yourself and you can get there.

Congratulations to all 19 students who were brave enough to put their metal to the test, it can only make you stronger and better. We are proud of each and every one of you:

Lola Fellone, Sonny Millington, Ellis Pindoria-Stott, Izzy Baron, Lola Girault, Kyle Girault, Ella Rylance, Holly Dale, Ben Duckworth, Danny Silverwood, Georgie Dyal, Abby Fielding, Leah Clare, Gina Farrance, Kevin Longthorne, Jaime Pratley, Andy Matanle, Ron Matthews and Su Matthews.

Between them, they managed a whopping 20 medals comprising of 6 gold, 4 silver and 10 bronze:

  • Andy Matalne won a gold medal in Individual Kyu grades Kumite and a silver medal in male veterans individual kata
  • Su Matthews won a silver medal in individual veterans kata
  • Ron Matthews won a bronze medal in male veterans individuals kata
  • Leah Clare won a bronze medal in individual kumite
  • Gina Farrance won a bronze medal in 12-13 years individual kumite
  • Holy Dale won a bronze medal in 10-11 years individual kumite
  • Georgie Dyal won a bronze medal in 12-13 years individual kumite
  • Izzy Baron won a gold medal in individual kata, a gold medal in team kata, a silver medal in pairs kata and a bronze medal in team kumite
  • Lola Girault won a bronze medal in pairs kata, a gold medal in team kata, a silver medal in individual kata and a bronze medal in team kumite
  • Ella Rylance won a bronze medal in team kumite, a bronze medal in pairs kata and a bronze medal in individual kata
  • Ellis Pindoria-Stott won a gold medal in team kata and a gold medal in pairs kata

We also had the following Red Tigers in action representing JKS England including Lori-Ann Moran, Sam Jackson, Louis Johnson, Matthew Affleck, Molly Austin-Hogsden and Zak Thomas-Blackhurst. They all did brilliantly and we are so proud of them for giving it a go.

Lori-Ann deserves a special mention because she had returned from training twice a day every day at the JKS Hombu Dojo in Tokyo for the last two weeks. She stepped off a flight at 7pm on Saturday night after travelling for over 18 hours and travelled up to Cumbria to compete and fulfill her commitment to the JKS England Squad. What a great example to set to others. Well done missus mop! Well done to the equally exhausted Julie Moran who has been out to Japan with us. She was super supportive all day and we appreciate your dedication too!

We missed our amazing Grace Baron who is away sunning herself in Italy on a School trip but I think she will be very proud of her little sister Izzy who absolutely cleaned up!

The JKS England members managed a great haul of 7 medals comprising of 1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze:

  • Sam Jackson won a bronze medal in 14-15 years male individual kata which was the biggest category of the day, he also won a silver medal in 14-15 years pairs kata and a gold medal in 14-15 years team kata with fellow JKS England members Rowan Reeve and James Harrison from Kensho Karate.
  • Louis Johnson won a silver medals in pairs alongside Sam Jackson
  • Lori-Ann Moran beat the jetlag and earned two medals, a bronze medal in pairs Kata and a bronze medal in team kumite with Georgia and Georjeana from the LKA.
  • Molly Austin-Hogsden won a bronze medal in pairs kata alongside Lori-Ann

Huge thank you to Mike Baron Sensei who we are very lucky to have. He is a great coach and really cares about our team. He worked hard all day to make sure everyone was where they needed to be, gave sound advice, gentle encouragement when needed and a shoulder to cry on more than once! Sensei Paul W also needs a big thanks to teaching the squad and getting them ready. We really appreciate everything you do.

Thanks to all the parents who attended and afford their children the opportunity to do this. We wouldn’t have such as successful team without your support.

Thanks goes to all who ran a great competition and Nick Heald Sensei and Ashley Scott-Heald Sensei who coached our squad members.

Remember, as a special treat this evening the Squad class runs from 6pm-8pm with National Squad Coach Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan. It costs £8 per person, make sure you work hard and take away as much as you can from one of the most successful English Competitors ever.

For more feedback, photos and to congratulate our medals winners, there is loads to posts about this comp on our facebook group page. If you are not already a member you can request to join and our admin will accept you. Club members and their family members only.