**** Gary Pratley – Newly Qualified Assistant Instructor ****


We are so pleased to report that Gary Pratley from the Darwen area has successfully passed his Assistant Instructor assessment at his very first attempt. He did this under the watchful eye of his mentor Nicola Holland Sensei who continues to produce fantastic future Instructors in this area. Congratulations to you both. Her leadership team over there is amazing and we know that Gary is a lovely fella with great Karate. He is a fantastic role model and we are delighted to have him on our team.

Gary genuinely cares for the development of the students in the area and encourages others every step of the way. He is a very hard worker and always leads by example. With a little more confidence and teaching experience he will make an amazing Instructor in his own class alongside his awesome boys who will no doubt set a very high standard.

Nicola Holland Sensei conducted the examination and was very impressed . She made the following comments:

“Gary Pratley is 100% dedicated to his karate, but regularly doubts himself and his ability with both his karate and teaching.”

“He had a full detailed class plan which was followed from start to finish. All cadets were fully briefed at the start of the class so everyone knew what they were doing. He seemed quite nervous to begin with, but soon relaxed and kept a good sense of humour throughout the class.”

“Gary gave detailed explanations for each section of the syllabus and used the cadets to help him demonstrate bunkai and applications of techniques.”

“He scored highly in all sections of the assessment and gave clear instructors throughout. He maintained a disciplined environment but made sure he gave out lots of praise and encouragement to everyone and the class was very enjoyable.”

“Gary is a well liked & respected member of the Darwen classes. He trains alongside his two sons, Jaime and Joe four times a week. He has a very nurturing influence on all students and is a committed  and highly valued member of Red Tiger Karate Club. Huge congratulations Gary on passing your assessment.”

“Big thanks to Cadets, Samantha Riley, Adam Bennett, Mia Dickerson & our littlest helper Danika Wood for helping on the day.”

Thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei and Nicola Holland Sensei our Instructor program is going brilliantly. More and more Assistant Instructors are passing the examination on a regular basis, so who will be brave enough to put themselves forward next?