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February ZOOM Timetable and Events

We hope you are well. It is safe to say that classes will be remaining on ZOOM throughout February and as always, we will try to make the best of a bad situation!

Last month we brought you:

  • Over 150 evening and weekend classes.
  • Over 30 students took part in 1:1 zoom training.
  • We ran our Spoony Face competition (results in a separate email to follow).
  • Medals have been sent out for Student of the Month
  • We had 2 very challenging Super-fit Sundays with Paul W Sensei
  • We brought the number 1 kumite fighter in England; Joe Kellaway to teach you movement drills in the safety of your living room.

We have no plans to slow down. We will carry on bringing you the best tuition from the loveliest people. This is why we are the number 1 club in Greater Manchester. We are smashing this pandemic!

Dojo classes will only resume when it is safe to do so. ZOOM is the only alternative we have to continue reaching your goals and keeping sharp.

This month, the Club Timetable will remain the same. You can train with your usual Instructor in your usual class to keep up your weekly routine. The APP has been updated and everything is available to book now. In addition to the Club Timetable we have the following special classes:

  • Weekly Black Belt Training with Paul Wolstencroft on Monday evenings 7.30-8.15pm for Shodans, 8.15pm-9pm for Nidans and above. You are welcome to train with our Sensei’s in both sessions if you are a Shodan. Pay for 1, get both.
  • Open Squad Class every Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm with Paul W Sensei, Mike Baron Sensei and Grace Baron. (All welcome).
  • Kyu Grading to take place on the 7th February. All places have been filled. Times will be allocated and emailed out over the next couple of days.
  • Super-fit Sunday open to all – parents included (no karate – it’s just a killer fitness class) with Paul W Sensei on Sunday 14th and Sunday 28th February.
  • Shodan preparation class on Friday 5th and 19th February with Paul Sensei
  • Nidan preparation class on Friday 12th and 26th February
  • 1:1 training with Debbie Sensei, Callum Sensei and Paul W Sensei with prices starting from just £5
  • Joe Kellaway Kumite Course (confirmed) 11am-12pm and Junior Le Fevre Sensei (TBC) Kata Course 12.15pm-1.15pm on Sunday 21st February. Special discount available for those who do both courses.
  • Cobra-Kai Karate Kid Video Competition for all our juniors. Details to be announced next week, free of charge to enter and prizes will be posted out to the lucky winners.
  • February Student of the Month – chosen by each Sensei

All ZOOM classes cost £6 per household. Special events may be extra depending on costs incurred.

If more than one person trains you DO NOT need to book more than once. Our Instructors will make sure each family member that trains will get their attendance.


As much as we are missing each other, we must do the right thing and follow the Government guidelines. There is so much to look forward to and keep us busy this month. I have added the timetable below if you are wanting to try other classes or pick up extra.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to train with whoever you want to and improve your karate.

Lastly, we wold like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has trained throughout January, for your effort and commitment. You are keeping us going just as much as we are keeping you going. Your support is appreciated and will never be forgotten. We are GRATEFUL!

Weekly Timetable is below for February



Stretford class with Rob Sensei and Little Lever class with Nicole Sensei
Romiley class with Callum Sensei
Tottington class with Mike and Leesa Sensei
Bolton Class with Lily and Lee Sensei
Sale class with Debbie and Dave Sensei


Instructors and Black Belts class with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei


Instructors and Nidans and above with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei



Stoneclough class with Callum Sensei

Horwich class with Daryl Sensei

Reddish class with Rob and Rachael Sensei

Radcliffe and Chantlers class with John Dolan and John O Donovan Sensei

Altrincham class with Debbie Sensei



Darwen Class with Jo Sensei


Chesham class with Teresa Sensei

Handforth and Heald Green class with Debbie and Karen Sensei

Holcombe Brook class with Bernie Sensei

Reddish class with Rachael Wolstencroft Sensei

Little Lever class with Callum Sensei


Squad Class (open to all) with Paul W and Mike B Sensei



Whitefield class with Helen D Sensei

Holcombe Brook class with Mike and Leesa Sensei


Stockton Heath class with Jon C Sensei

Timperley and Standish class with Paul W and Mike B Sensei

Swinton class with Tony D and Su Sensei



Elton class with Paul and Rachael W Sensei

Flixton and Sale class with Debbie and Dave Sensei

Chesham class with Denise Sensei

Stretford/Kings Road class with Rob Sensei


Nidan/Shodan Preparation class with Paul W Sensei alternates weekly



Handforth class with Paul W Sensei

Darwen class with Gary Sensei

Stoneclough class with Emma and Daryl Sensei


Special events will be running every Sunday detailed above