Excellent Standard at our Morecambe Grading! Well done all

We would like to congratulate all of our students who easily progressed to their next grades on Saturday 20th May 2017.

The standard on the day was excellent among all grade groups. There were quite a few students attempting their first full grade of orange belt and the second grade of red belt and they were all brilliant. They really did perform well for Sensei Dave Robertson and Sensei Debbie Carter who travel over an hour each each way to teach the class every Wednesday evening.

What a great bunch of genuinely nice, enthusiastic and hard working students.

The three students who attempted their green belt, Chris Rogers, Mykolas Giruzis and Georgia Hall were all marvellous and greatly improved, well done.

Kaiden Hindley who attempted his purple belt was outstanding. He was chosen by Sensei Paul as student of the grading for giving 100% effort from start to finish. We can see that this young man has a very bright future.

The three young ladies who attempted 4th Kyu purple and white belt were awesome. Holly Quinn , Ellie Laytham and Catherine Vernum have all been training for a number of years now and are an absolute credit to all who have taught them. All three have strong kihon, very tidy kata and excellent kumite. We are delighted with the progress they have made and we look forward to seeing them earn their 3rd Kyu brown belts in the near future.

Biggest thanks must go to Dave Sensei and Debbie Sensei who have worked so hard in the area to keep all of the student motivated after a change of Instructor and also develop new starters into great orange belts. You are both doing a great job and we really appreciate it. You are both Superstars!

Big thanks to the parents for the ongoing support and helping your children achieve their potential.