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JKS England top the table at the 5th JKS Continental Cup 2017

September 4, 2017 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

JKS Benelux hosted the 5th JKS Continental Cup over in Hasselt, Belgium between Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd September 2017.

We are delighted to report that JKS England finished the weekend in 1st Place. From the results it is fair to say that Matt Price Sensei and Nick Heald Sensei’s carefully selected squad absolutely dominated the Championships taking away a huge haul of medals, with the majority being GOLD!

We’d like to congratulate the JKS England on their enormous success and we are so proud of all of the competitors for going out there and doing the business like a BOSS! It feels good know that we are part of the no 1 team in European in the number 1 association in the World.

I’m sure over the next few days the full results will be posted on the JKS England website and you can see for yourself just how much the cleaned up!

The weekend kicked off with an awesome seminar with Masoa Kagawa Shihan 8th Dan and Takashi Yamaguchi Sensei 6th Dan. Paul Wolstencroft Sensei, Brandon Lee Sensei and Rob Head Sensei all took part and have learned loads. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was part of the JKS Engalnd team of officials and worked really hard over two days, reffing, judging and officiating. It must be hard to officiate when you want to watch and support your own team, but without the officials, there can be no competition so huge thanks to all the officials who organised another great tournament.

We had a big group of travelling supporters including parents and Instructors who made sure that our kids were 100% focused and ready to go out there and do their best. Again, without you, nothing could be achieved so thank you all very much. I’m sure you had a fab experience.

Mike Baron Sensei who coaches at our squad class was there to watch over our team and make sure that they were all ok. He is a fab Instructor and is such an important part of the team. He is encouraging and knows just what to say at the right time. Big thanks for being there.

As previously posted, 5 Red Tigers were selected to take part and between them they have brought back 7 medals! 4 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronzes.


They probably can’t quite believe it, but I can. These kids train so hard, day in, day out. They have traveled the country and gained experience, been beaten and got back up, had knock backs and kept fighting and never once done any complaining or stopped believing in their own ability.

Anyone who has watched squad training and seen these kids in action (and the others who didn’t quite make it this time around) will appreciate just how focused and hungry they are for success. This hard work is now paying off and we couldn’t be more proud. These aren’t students come to class and then just turn it on when they need to. They put the work in, they push each other, they get screamed at by Paul Sensei and Mike Sensei and their Squad Coaches and keep on trying. They come back for more and want to get better.

That is how champions are made.

Matthew Affleck, Molly Austin-Hogsden, Grace Baron, Sam Jackson and Zak Thomas-Blackhurst are all winners in our eyes. They did the best they could and have had an unforgettable experience. They can only improve and grow from this and should be proud of themselves for being so brave and stepping on the mat, testing themselves again the best in Europe.

Sam Jackson won a Gold Medal in team Kata with Rowan Reeve and James Harrison from Kensho Karate. He also came 4th in the Individual Kata. This rounds off a superb year for Sam after spending the last couple of years battling his way to the top in a notoriously difficult category. The standard of boys he is against is absolutely exceptional and Sam has worked his way to becoming one of best of the best. Congratulations.

Matthew Affleck made it all the way to the Junro section in a huge category but unfortunately went out before the finals. Amazing performance in his first International event. We are very proud of Matthew and he has shown he has everything it takes and just need to gain experience. Well done.

Molly Austin-Hogsden won a Gold Medal in the 10-13’s female team Kata and won a bronze medal in individual kumite. This was her first International event, what a flying start! Molly is such a brilliant competitor, hard working and so eager to learn. We are delighted with her results.

Zak Thomas-Blackhurst won a Silver Medal in individual Kata, narrowly missing out on Gold. What a fantastic achievement from our little superstar who is just 10 years old. This young man has a very bright future indeed if he can show such great composure under such enormous pressure. His talent is frightening already and he isn’t even a Black Belt yet! Congratulations.

Grace Baron once again showed why she is our AMAZING GRACE winning three medals this time around. Gold medal in Individual Kata, Gold Medal in Team Kata and a Bronze medal in Individual Kumite. Grace is so consistent with her results and should be over the moon with that performance. She can add these medals to her World Championship medals from last year. Getting the top is hard, staying at the top is even harder and this is what Grace has managed over the last twelve months. She is such an inspirational student to all of us. So dedicated, so willing to put the work in and so determined to get better and better. Well done Grace – the Champ!



September 4, 2017
8:00 am - 5:00 pm