*** Dojo Classes to continue until further notice ***

We want to assure our members that our dojo classes will continue to run until we hear otherwise from the English Karate Federation. We have been advised to carry on as we have implemented all their guidelines to keep ourselves and our members safe. As always, as soon as I hear anything, I will let you all know.

On behalf of all of the Instructors, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the students who have attended lessons and co-operated fully with the new restrictions. We understand that it is a difficult time for everyone and being back together in the dojo has been very uplifting. Not only for the students, but also for the Sensei’s.

So if you have trained in the dojo; thank you. If you have trained on ZOOM; thank you. If you have kept away to keep others safe; thank you. We are grateful to the parents who have discussed the new rules with their children and have been so understanding that we aren’t able to let you come in and watch. Thank you. We are pulling together exactly as we should be.

It is important to let you all know that no matter what gets decided over the next few days, we will continue to provide you with quality training and tuition, whichever way we can.

If you are booked into classes and are feeling unwell or showing any COVID symptoms please DO NOT come to class and follow the NHS advice.

There are a few classes with spaces this week so it’s not too late to book on. May we also remind you we are running ZOOM classes every weeknight. Places at ZOOM classes are unlimited and it costs just £6 per household. This needs to be booked by the APP. If there is more than one person in the family taking part, pay once then book but don’t pay for the rest of the family members and I will cancel the invoices. I send the links out on the day at 4pm. If you book after that (for that nights ZOOM class), I will probably not see it as I am on the way to class.

  • Wednesday 6-7pm – Debbie and Dave Sensei
  • Thursday 7-8pm – Emma Ginn Sensei
  • Friday 6pm-7pm – Callum Miles Sensei

We have the following spaces available at our dojos (correct as of 1pm – 23/9):


Whitefield – 8 places

Holcombe Brook – 4 places

Little Lever – 1 place



Standish – 4 places

Swinton – 3 places

Stockton Heath – 4 places



***NEW Class – Sale St Francis – 4 places

Kings Road (At Stretford dojo) – 4 places

Chesham – 1 place



Handforth Junior Grades – 3 places

All other classes are fully booked but keep your eye out as spaces can become available at short notice.


Cancellation Policy

Students are able cancel their place(s) at classes via the APP 24 hours before the start time. You can either request a ZOOM link or have credit for a future class. You will need to contact us via email to info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk with the name of student, your request and reason for cancelling.

We want to keep your classes open and are already operating at a reduced capacity. Last week, we had students cancelling less than 30 minutes before the start of the class and asking for their money back. We also had a number of no shows. This is unfair on the class Instructor and those who were unable to book due to classes being full.

Clarification for school children who have been asked to self isolate

We have had a number of instances where students have been asked to self-isolate and have since taken a test which has returned negative. We are sorry you will not be able to come to a dojo class until you are permitted to return to School. We have checked this out with the EKF and the JKS and this is their policy. We will as always, abide by their rules.

You may still train on ZOOM on a day of your choice. Please contact us to arrange this.

***Grading News***

We held a Club Grading over ZOOM on Sunday 20th September.

You are now a unique part our Club’s history having taken part in an online grading! Testing yourself under such enormous pressure and not having enough room in some cases must make this such a personal challenge. If you passed, be proud. If you have been asked to make few changes and a little improvement, then keep positive. You can and will do it.

Groups of students were put to the test under the watchful eye of the Chief Instructor Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and JKS Grading examiner and Assistant Chief Instructor Mike Beckwith Sensei. Many Class Instructors also dialled in to watch and support their students. Then add in to the mix anyone watching you at home (your hopeful parents). The intensity must have been 50 times worse than normal dojo gradings! You are brave for having a go.

Nobody could ever doubt that those who passed were very deserving and have truly earned their next belts. You were ready to make that step to the next level and you must now continue to train hard and set your sights on a new goal. I have already updated your grade on the APP so your lesson count has been set back to zero. The APP will track your attendance and this will make it easier to know when you are due to grade again, providing you have made the required progress.

The feedback from both Paul Sensei and Mike Sensei has been fantastic and there were some stand out performances particularly from the higher grades and the yellow belt and green belt group. Paul Sensei said the group including Olivia Townsend who earned her red belt and the RTK hard as nails parents (who have made it to orange belt already) were superb! Your captain Nicholas Poynton and Debbie and Dave Sensei must be delighted.

Team Freeman are making fab progress as is little Sebby Padron! Well done. Sarah Wegg and Helen Cowley were excellent going for their yellow belts, well done ladies.

The group attempting green to purple and white belts all scored highly in each area, especially the adults. Darren Williams again was a stand out as was Phil Barooah, Samantha Lawrie and James Baker.  Great work and fantastic commitment! Lindsey Gibbons did well and earned her purple belt. Congratulations also to our new 4th Kyu’s; Anne-Marie Alger, Logan Hill Critchley and Jonny Critchley. Fantastic work, keep it up.

Huge congratulations to our new brown belts:

Megan Hardy, Benjamin Jones and Benjamin Wegg. All of you should be very pleased with your performances and getting this far. Brown belt is a massive achievement and means that you are well on your way towards that Black Belt. Keep pushing forward.

Our new 2nd Kyu’s are:

Ella-Marie and Aemelia Young, Zara Bathurst and Noah Cubbin. You all did brilliantly and the examiners were very impressed. Your quality shined through and all four scored very high marks. Something you should be super-proud of. Keep up the excellent work!

Five students were awarded their 1st Kyu, Evie Gregory, Megan Fu, Thomas Dolan, Mario Pezzino and Tina Mant. Well done to you all, you tried really hard and showed an excellent standard. You have all put the time in and trained for many years. We could see your quality and to persevere during times like these says a lot about your character. The biggest well done of the day goes to you guys. You are almost there. Next stop – Black belt.

What an outstanding bunch of students, all have been ever present on our ZOOM sessions and all work very hard both in and out of the dojo. We are so pleased and proud of you all. Keep it up and well done.

Belts and certificates are already on their way. Don’t forgot to post your pictures on the facebook Red Tiger Karate Group Page as we can’t take pictures in the dojo with your Sensei! We need to be able to dig these pictures out when the kids are older to show them what little cute ninjas they were!

Loving these that have gone on so far! Meg, Nate and Jake all looking PROUD! Fantastic!

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Kagawa Shihan Course/ Matt Sensei ZOOM session rescheduled

Masoa Kagawa Shihan is running a course on ZOOM this Sunday 27th September. Matt Price Sensei will be training on this Seminar so has rescheduled his class with us for Sunday 11th October.

The Kagawa Shihan Course is open to all JKS England members. You should have received an email about this exciting opportunity, and as members we are entitled to 30% discount. If you would like further information please contact us on info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk. and I will send you the discount code.

To book directly with the JKS please follow these instructions: 

The Japan HQ would like to invite you to participate in Kagawa Shihan’s open seminar that holds on Sunday, September 27th, 2020, from 9am – 10.30am GMT.

The seminar is open to all, regardless of Karate style or Karate organisation.

To Apply, please click the Button to receive your JKS Discount code from Alan Sensei and follow the instructions below:


Joining Instructions


1. Please apply at the URL below.


2. Find the seminar’s title: September 27th (Sunday) KAGAWA MASAO SHIHAN Overseas only Online Seminar

3. On the upper left corner, click on 日本語 to change the language to English.

4. Click on Add to cart.

5. Scroll down and click on “Buy as a Guest”.

6. Fill the following Customer Information:

Name, Country, Post code, State, Address, Phone number, Mail address.

Also, the JKS members should add your JKS branch name (JKS England) to in the remarks column.

7. Make sure to subscribe to Mail Magazine by checking it.

You will receive the ZOOM link via the Mail Magazine.

8. Use the discount coupon code (for JKS members only)

9. Choose PayPal as a payment method.

10. Unclick (remove the checkmark) Creating a PAY ID account agreeing

11. Scroll down and click on Next

12. Click on Pay with PayPal to proceed with the payment.

13. After making payment, you will receive a confirmation email within the next few days.