Dojo classes remain open in all areas

Following last nights’ Government announcement, it is good news for us! We are pleased to report we are still able to continue our Dojo lessons.

I would strongly urge everyone who is taking part in the classes to continue to follow the rules we have put in place for the safety of everyone. Stay in your square and do not come to class if you feel unwell.

Here is the availability for this week if you have not already booked your space:

ZOOM Timetable

Tuesday 7-8pm – Mike and Leesa Beckwith Sensei – unlimited spaces

Wednesday 6-7pm – Debbie and Dave Sensei – unlimited spaces

Thursday 7-8pm – Emma Ginn Sensei – unlimited spaces

Friday 6pm-7pm – Sensei TBC – unlimited spaces

There are quite a few classes that are sold out. Please check throughout the week as places do become available from time to time. We have the following spaces available at our dojos (correct as of 11am – 13/10):


Tuesday 13th October

Abingdon Primary School – Reddish 6.30-7.30pm with Rob Sensei and Rachael Sensei – 4 spaces

Prestolee class with Callum Sensei – 7 places

Radcliffe Primary School with John Sensei – 1 place

Bollin Primary School lower grades with Debbie and Dave Sensei – 1 place

Stockton Heath with Jon Sensei – 5 places

Claypool Horwich with Daryl Sensei – 7 places


Wednesday 14th October

Whitefield with Helen and John Sensei – 5 places

Little Lever Class with Callum Sensei – 4 places

Chesham Primary with Teresa Sensei – 4 places

Handforth Community Centre with Karen Sensei – 4 places


Thursday 15th October

Standish with Mike Baron Sensei – 9 places

Swinton with Tony D Sensei – 1 place

Stockton Heath with Jon Sensei – 7 places


Friday 16th October

Kings Road (At Stretford dojo) with Rob Sensei – 3 places

Chesham with Denise Sensei – 6 places


Saturday 17th October

Handforth Junior Grades with Paul W Sensei – 8 places

Stoneclough junior grades with Emma Sensei – 10 places

Stoneclough senior grades with Emma Sensei – 6 places

Our next ZOOM grading will take place on Sunday 1st November.

Booking will be available in the next few days. I will send an email out when you can begin booking.