Dojo classes for our juniors restart tonight! Spaces still available & Joe Kellaway this Sunday


You can now book places for any student who is under the age of 18. Classes restart from Monday 19th April. No walk ins, all places must be booked and paid for online via the Dojo Login 2 App. 

Our ZOOM training timetable will continue for adults and any juniors who would like to join these. We have ZOOM classes running with Debbie Sensei on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei on Thursday evening.  

We only have 15 Junior places for each class. 

Please observe the following rules to allow us to run our classes as safely as possible for everyone. If you are a parent booking for your child(ren), please discuss these rules with your child(ren) prior to their arrival.

If you, or anyone in your household are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. Please do not attend class and immediately book a test. Please cancel your place at the class so that we can offer it to another member and train on our ZOOM class instead. This is key! The sooner we stop the spread, the sooner we can all return to doing everything we love!


  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your session, we can now spar so if you are over the grade of orange belt you will need to bring your mitts and pads. 
  • Students over the age of 11 to wear a face mask on arrival but this can be removed once you have entered the dojo and are ready to train. You do not have to wear a mask whilst training although if you prefer to, you may.
  • Please arrive ready for training. Changing facilities will not be open, only toilets.
  • On entering, you will have your temperature checked anyone above 37.8 will not be allowed to train – apologies.
  • Parents, please refrain from coming inside just for now, but please wait until after the temperature check before you leave.
  • The Instructor will then register your attendance electronically via our Instructor APP.
  • Sanitise your hands.
  • Enter the main dojo and place any belongings inside your bag, nothing left lying around. We are now allowed to train in bare feet so you will need to remove your footwear and put your shoes inside your bag. 
  • We no longer have to keep in our own squares, but students are encouraged to keep social distance before the start of the class.
  • There must be no shouting. For now, Kiai’s must be kept to talking volume rather than a lung emptying battle cry.
  • Should not have to put this, but just a reminder for the kids, if you have visited the toilet during the class, you’ll need to wash hands/use sanitiser again.
  • Students may work with 1 partner throughout the class and if you have used your mitts and pads these must be properly sanitised when you get home. 
  • Sanitise your hands when leaving.
  • Parents must be outside to collect your children from at least 10 minutes before the end of the session (no exceptions as we cannot allow anyone to stay in the dojo waiting).

Some rules may ease as the weeks progress: class sizes, parents being able to watch, etc. and we will keep you informed as we go.

Happy training everyone 😊

We have the following spaces available for students juniors who would like to restart this week:

Monday 19th April:

Bolton Class with Lily and Lee Sensei – 11 spaces

Stretford Class with Rob Sensei – 3 spaces

Haslingden Monday class with Rachael and Jade Sensei – 1 space

Romiley class with Callum Sensei – 3 spaces

Little Lever class with Nicole Sensei – 6 spaces


Tuesday 20th April

Chantlers/Radcliffe with John and John Sensei combined – 2 spaces

Reddish class with Rachael and Rob Sensei – 3 spaces

Stoneclough class with Callum Sensei – 4 spaces

Stockton Heath class with Jon Sensei – 8 spaces


Wednesday 21st April

Darwen Wednesday with Jo Sensei – 3 spaces

Holcombe Brook class with Bernie Sensei – 7 spaces

Little Lever class with Callum Sensei – 3 spaces


Thursday 22nd April

Standish class with Grace and Mike Sensei – 5 spaces

Whitefield class with Helen D Sensei – 5 spaces

Stockton Heath class with Jon Sensei – 4 spaces

Haslingden class with Callum Sensei – 12 spaces

Swinton class with Tony Sensei – 8 spaces


Friday 23rd April

Elton class with Paul and Rachael Sensei – 2 spaces


Saturday 24th April

Darwen class with Gary Sensei 3 spaces

Stoneclough class with Emma and Daryl Sensei – 9 spaces

Joe Kellaway Sensei Kumite Course on ZOOM

We have Team GB’s Joe Kellaway Sensei teaching this Sunday via ZOOM 11am-12pm.

£10 per household.

Plenty of spaces left and you can book now via the APP.

This course will help you improve your kumite and he is a brilliant Instructor. Don’t miss out!

British Karate Federation

Grading results

Congratulations to all the students who successfully passed their first or next grading on Sunday 18th April.

Paul and Mike Sensei were both very happy with the standard and for those who didn’t quite make it, keep trying!

Your belts and certificates have already been posted first class this morning so should be arriving to you over the next few days.

We want to see those happy faces on our facebook group ‘Red Tiger Karate’ this week please 🙂

Keep up the great work team!

I will try and do a full write up for the grading later on this week. Keep looking out for it.