****Dave Smith: Newly Qualified Assistant Instructor****

We are pleased to announce that Dave Smith who assists in the Wardley Dojo has successfully passed the Assistant Instructor course last Friday evening.

Dave is a top bloke and his karate is excellent. We are so pleased to hear that he passed with flying colours and now joins our Assistant Instructor team. I’m sure it won’t be long before Dave leads his very own class.

Big thanks to Dave Robertson Sensei and Tony Davies Sensei for their hard work and guidance. Thanks also to Mike Beckwith Sensei who carried out the assessment and had the following to say:

“I was really looking forward to doing Davids assessment tonight and wasn’t disappointed, although the class was only small, he kept his infectious enthusiasm up all the way through.

Although he later admitted to being nervous, he started the class confidently with a quick warm up and a little bit of banter with his students.

David then moved quickly and confidently through the Strikes, Blocks and Kicking sections, scoring a 10 out of 10 in each and keeping the class moving with good demonstrations and positive feedback to the students.

The students themselves appeared relaxed and comfortable with David at the front and there was a good rapport between both David and the students.

Whilst the class didn’t have a cadet leader to utilise, this didn’t affect the class and David jumped in and out of line, demonstrating the techniques and then correcting the students when a mistake was made or a student needed help with a particular move.

He then moved on to the Stances, Kata and Kumite sections. Again, David scored highly in these sections and they were despatched with the same enthusiasm as the first sections.

Overall, David scored very highly and it was a fantastic assessment. He has clearly worked hard with David Robertson Sensei and Tony Davies Sensei to work through the workbook and a big thanks goes to them for their assistance.

All that remains to say is, well done David, welcome to the (ever growing) team, I’m certain you will be a huge asset to the club!”