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Darwen Grading Results: Saturday 28th February

We have enjoyed another hugely successful weekend here at Red Tiger. We held a Kyu Grading in Darwen on Saturday afternoon which saw students training in the area performing to a very good standard and successfully attempting their next grades.
Sensei Paul and I always particularly enjoy visiting this area due to the friendly attitude and warmth of the students. There is always a lively and energetic atmosphere throughout the grading and all of the students encourage and support one another right to the end. Two students earned their 1st kyu and one student performed to an exceptional standard and was double-graded from 7th kyu yellow belt to 5th kyu purple belt.
We should say congratulations to all the students that graded on the day. You all tried your very best and made Sensei Nicola, Sensei Brandon, Sensei Paul C and I very proud to teach you. Thanks to the Instructors who helped out and taught sections on the day and to Scott Galvin for giving up his Saturday afternoon to assist in the smooth running of the grading.
Jo Sysum was selected by Sensei Paul to receive the Student of the Grading trophy. Her karate is quite special indeed and every time we see Jo she impresses us more and more. Beautiful Katas, excellent technique and high quality kumite, you really did deserve your award and keep up the hard work.
Jo along with Gary & Jaime Pratley, Simon Mattinson, Amanda and Clive Riley and a few other students from the Darwen area took part in Combined Senior Class on Friday evening, Grading on Saturday afternoon and all three Matt Price Courses on the Sunday. I need to lie down just thinking about it! Commitment and dedication like that deserves recognition and is the reason why the standard in this area is constantly improving. Well done to you all.
There are a few superb juniors in the area who just impress us more and more. Ava Nicholson and Jaime Pratley are both excellent students with outstanding karate. They are positive role models to all the other students in the area. Keep up the good work. Jake Gould was the student who double-graded from yellow to purple belt and it is very easy to see that this lad has a very bright future ahead of him. His work ethic and attention to detail will take him a very long way. Well done.
We would also like to congratulate Ciaran Abbott for earning his 3rd Kyu Brown Belt after training hard for the last 4 years. Ciaran put loads of effort into his grading and showed off excellent kicking techniques in the kumite section.
Clive Riley who trains alongside daughter Samantha and wife Amanda had arguably made the most improvement out of everybody grading on the day. Karate does not come easily to Clive; particularly Kata, but he persists and is always training regularly with Sensei Nicola. This is really starting to pay off as you have clearly made considerable progress. Well done.
The last two students to mention are the two ladies who earned their 1st Kyu. Lisa Beaumont and Amanda Riley have both been training for almost 5 years. They are always working hard with Sensei Nicola at class and have excellent attendance. Both ladies gave 100% effort at the grading and although they struggled in some areas. They more than made up for it with their spirit and positive attitude.
Both Lisa and Amanda have made a lot of improvement between 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu and we are certain they will continue this sustained effort and reach their Black belts in the future. Lisa has had a particularly difficult journey so far battling serious illness, low confidence and low self esteem but she has overcome so much. We could all see how much achieving her goal really means to her. Both ladies should know that they have the full and unwavering support of Sensei Nicola and all of our Instructors behind them. Just keep on training hard and you can both do it. Well done.
Lastly, a big thank you to Sensei Nicola. Without your tireless hard work and infectious enthusiasm for karate the area and our Club would not be the same. Sensei Nicola is as passionate about Red Tiger as she was the day she started teaching. She plays a massive part in what we are trying to achieve here and we always enjoy working with her and her students. We appreciate everything you do and look forward to more continued combined success.