Darwen Grading Results: 25the November 2017

What an excellent grading over in the Darwen area. We had students travelling from as far as Lancaster and Rochdale to take part and the whole group was absolutely fantastic.

The students were so eager to please and Sensei Paul barely had anything to complain about. In fact, I’d go as far to say he was actually quite jovial for a change! The effort and energy was there from the start right through to the finish, even after Dave Robertson Sensei was trying to finish everybody off with his brrrrrutal warm up! Ha ha!

We had a little group of fantastic white belts, welcome to our Club and congratulations on achieving your first full grade. We all had to start somewhere and who knows, in a few years time you could find yourself at the top end of the line attempting your brown belts!

We had a large group of red belts which speaks volumes about the quality of the Instructors in the area, who are motivating and inspiring students to keep training. You all did really well especially Callum Gillibrand, Harry Weaver, Harris Beeston, John Oliver and Hannah Towler. Some of these guys are already training twice a week and are progressing brilliantly! Thurston Cassidy also tried really hard from start to finish and was very determined to earn his Red Belt. He was also bringing in the festive season arriving in his Christmas Jumper! Awesome stuff! Well done!

The 5 students going to their yellow belt were brilliant too, so congratulations to Antony Cristoforo, Lawrence Ponton, Isobel Howard, Tom Turner and Katie Greenlees. You all did brilliantly in every area and we were so impressed with your standard.

Little Danika Wood was the only student to attempt her purple belt and her karate has improved tremendously between green belt and purple belt. Her Mum was beaming with pride at the end and rightly so. A future superstar for sure.

The following students successfully passed their 4th Kyu purple and white belts: Hammad Ahmad, Hsanat Ahmad, Hirra Ahmad, William Cristoforo, Freddie Leaver and Thomas Whipp. What an awesome group. Great effort, super katas, strong kumite, you are all absolutely brilliant. You have all improved so much and must keep up the hard work because you are a super talented group. Especially Master Cristoforo who for his age, is a sensational talent and without doubt will be phenomenal by the time he goes for Black Belt. The Admad family were also much improved especially Hammad and they really impressed all the Instructors today. Well done to you all.

Ethan Edwards from the Helmshore class worked really hard throughout the grading and successfully passed the kihon, combinations and kumite sections. He will need to retry his Kata section but he’s such a hard worker and knows that he could do a little better in this section, next time around, we will make sure he comes back stronger and really impresses everyone. Well done Ethan and don’t give up!

Brown Belts: 

Ellie Laytham – What an excellent grading from Ellie. She’s an absolute belting student and one I’m sure we’d all like to teach. Dave Sensei and Debbie Sensei and very lucky indeed. Her karate was awesome and she always trains hard, listens to advice and corrects what you ask her too. She’s very determined and resilient too after suffering an injury, she cracked on with it and finished the grading. Keep up the fab work Ellie and I’m sure you will make a great black belt very soon no doubt!

William Towler –  William was excellent throughout the grading and hopefully this will help him to start believing that he really could be something very special indeed. He couldn’t have tried harder and really set the standard for the group. Both Aaron and Ellie had to put more in because William was such a strong student. We were so impressed with his performace and if he continues to work hard in class, the sky is the limit for William. Well done mate.

Aaron Jefferson –  is an excellent student and always performs to a great standard, he’s been training like a brown belt for ages and is so dedicated. Aaron trains twice a week every week without fail, he even turned up at grading having just had dental surgery with stitches in his mouth. Aaron has no weak areas in his karate and is extremely good at kicks, stances and of course – kumite. A great all-rounder, his Katas were sharp, dynamic and well presented. We always have high expectations of Aaron and he didn’t disappoint us at all. He earned every inch of his brown belt and we know that he is capable of even more. We look forward to making him even better!


2nd Kyu

Zak Gould – 2nd Kyu and Student of the Grading, not a bad afternoon’s work for little Zak. Mum and Dad will need to buy some extra shelves for all the Karate trophies Zak and Jake bring home. He is shaping up to be an exceptional student just like his brother. Zak is extraordinarily talented and just has a gift for it. He breezed his way through the grading and had all the Instructors buzzing about him!  He really is developing into a very special student indeed and has been having extra lessons and practising the things we’ve asked him too. He’s an absolutely lovely lad, not big headed and helps others in class. We are so excited by his talent and so proud of him. He is sooooo young with plenty of room to get better and better and we can’t wait to help him fulfill his potential.

Scott Whalley – Excellent performance from one of the nicest fella’s in the whole karate club. Scott had to step out of the shadows of his exceptional daughters Hannah and Lily and today was his turn to shine. Scott always worked his socks off from start to finish every single class and you simply couldn’t ask for any more. He was exhausted by the end of the grading and earned every inch of his 2nd Kyu. Scott has improved a lot, made a lot less mistakes and should be pleased with his performance. Well done, have a little confidence man!

Daisy Parton – The best performance we have ever seen her. This is one mega talented and determined young lady. She is not afraid to push herself and she wasn’t going to let anyone stand in the way of her getting her new belt. I’m so pleased she is starting to fulfill her potential now. If we could limit the chatterbox behaviour, she really could be exceptional at karate. Her kumite was really impressive. If she keeps up this fantastic work and TALKS LESS, she will be outstanding when she goes for her Black Belt. I can’t wait for her to work on being quiet in class, so that I can turn her into the absolute wrecking machine she undoubtedly has the potential to be!

Thomas Collin – Another fantastic grading performance from Thomas who works so hard week in week out. He showed us he had made some great improvement and is shaping up to be a brilliant Black Belt. If Black Belts were given for effort, Thomas would be a Sandan. He’s an absolute pleasure to teach. Such a strong, dedicated and determined student who’s future looks as bright as his face does after the warm up! I’m certain he’ll continue to keep up the excellent effort and tidy up his karate and we look forward to seeing his progression to 1st Kyu and beyond.

Two students attempted their 1st Kyu’s – Bradley Roose and Simon Mattinson, both successfully passed the kihon and the kumite section but unfortunately must return to redo the combinations and Katas. You both worked so hard throughout the grading and will no doubt come back stronger and much improved. It is so disappointing to come away without your belt but you should remember how very brave you are for putting yourself out there in the first place. If karate was easy, everyone would be doing it. If a 1st Kyu was just handed to you on a plate, it wouldn’t be worth having. After all, a black belt is just a white belt who never gave up. So don’t even consider it! You’ve come sooooo far and have so much more to give. .

As always in the Darwen area there was huge support for those going for grading. It really does create a great atmosphere and the students thrive off your postitive energy. We appreciate everyone who gave up their afternoon to watch and encourage the students to be the best they can be.

Biggest thanks has to go to the following Instructors who we are very lucky to have working so hard together in the area: Jo Sysum Sensei, Gary Pratley Sensei, Jade Rigby Sensei, John Dolan Sensei, Debbie Carter Sensei, Dave Robertson Sensei and Mike Beckwith Sensei Without our amazing team of Instructors who selflessly dedicate themselves to training, motivating and inspiring others, we wouldn’t have this fantastic Club.

Thank you all, you are the best!