Darwen Grading Results: 24th June 2017

Huge well done to all the students who successfully passed their next grade at our Darwen Grading on Saturday 24th June.

Everyone did brilliantly and we are pleased to report that all students moved onto their next grade. It was great to see students from Dean Knox Sensei’s Irlam dojo, Callum Sensei’s Stoneclough dojo and Steve Sensei’s Leigh dojo joining us and doing so well.

The vast majority of students train in the Darwen and Blackburn area and with all four classes getting new Instructors in the last 6 months we were hopeful that the students had continued to improve and make good progress since Sensei Nicola sadly stopped teaching. They made us all very proud and gave it 100% effort from start to finish.

We were really pleased as was Sensei Nicola who was kind enough to give up her time to support, watch and help out on the day. We all miss you lots but it’s fab that you are still such a big part of the Club and always will be!

Over half of the students were new and grading for the very first time. Despite a nervous start, the students really settled into the swing of the grading and began to shine. Hannah Towler was outstanding in particular. There were some little superstars among the new orange belts and red belts and a few adults who tried really hard. Well done to you all.

We also had a couple of students from Sensei Steve’s Leigh class, both of whom did brilliantly. Well done to Riyan Pindoria and Hannah Holden who earned their orange belts and yellow belts respectively.

Congratulations to our 4 new green belts, Hashim Khan, Kainat Raza, Georgia Garner and Grace Merriman. They were all very impressive. Excellent Kata’s well done.

The purple belt group were all fantastic especially William Cristoforo and Freddie Lever. The Ahmad family, Elliot Rigby and Mehak Raza all tried really hard and were much improved.

We had 3 students attempting 4th Kyu purple and white belt and all did brilliantly. Well done to Pippa Bastienne and Thomas and Liam Dolan who gave their Dad Sensei John a fantastic birthday by earning their next grades. We were really happy with your standard and increased effort well done.

6 students attempted their brown belts and above which is a massive achievement in our Club because brown belts are very hard-earned. You must be dedicated and work hard over a number of years and really be able to prove that your karate works and that there is ‘no quit’ in you.

All 6 were great. Good standard, energetic, eager to impress and made corrections when asked and we were really happy with them.

Congratulations to the following new Red Tiger Brown Belts, 2nd Kyu’s and 1st Kyu’s:

3rd Kyu – Brown Belt

Zoe Fubarra – This young girl has outstanding potential and is a very committed student. She travels everywhere to train and inprove. Her focus for her age is excellent and she worked really hard throughout the grading. You could tell that she wanted it and will make a great black belt in the near future.

Caroline Wood – Caroline has been training for a long time and has made great progress. She struggles a little with certain aspects of karate but she’s fit as a fiddle and always works extremely hard. She is a great member of the class and really helps to motivate others. Congratulations on your brown belt Caroline. It is very well deserved and keep up the great work.

Natalie Williams – Natalie has been training for almost 10 years and trains every single week at the Thornleigh dojo. She really enjoys her karate and always has a beaming smile on her face. She does the very best she can, loves to wind up Sensei Paul and is always trying hard to improve. We are so proud of all of Natalie’s achievements and is a valued member of our Club. Natalie proves that karate is for everyone and is a great inspiration to all who know her. Well done on your brown belt missus.

2nd Kyu 

Edison Chan – Student of the Grading performance from this young man who is shaping up to be an extraordinarily good Black Belt soon. He is strong, listens and corrects, has a great attitude and the dedication to match. We were so impressed and you can’t help but like this cheeky chap who is always smiling. Keep up the great work Edison and we look forward to seeing how good you can become. Your karate reminds me of a young Sensei Callum and that is a GREAT thing!

1st Kyu 

Adam Bennett – What an absolute superstar Adam is. He is red in the face from the amount of effort he puts in, and that’s just to warm up. He’s a real pleasure to teach and you won’t find anyone who works harder. A lovely young man who dedicates his time to karate several nights of the week. He will continue to get better because he’s always trying his best to improve. Keep up the brilliant work Adam, you are a wonderful young man with a great attitude.

Lily Whalley – An absolute natural at karate. Lily has big shoes to fill because her older sister Hannah is absolutely amazing and currently preparing for her Nidan. Lily has the potential to be every bit as good as her sister. She was outstanding at the grading and has no weak areas in her karate. If you ask her to correct something, she does it immediately and remembers it. What a fantastic young lady and we know you’ll make a brilliant Black Belt very soon! Keep up the fab work.


Huge thanks to all the parents and supporters who came to the grading and the following Instructors who we are lucky to have: Jo Sysum Sensei, Gary Pratley Sensei, Jade Rigby Sensei, Callum Miles Sensei, Steve Tipton Sensei, John Dolan Sensei and Dean Knox Sensei. Without our amazing team of Instructors who selflessly dedicate themselves to training, motivating and inspiring others, we would have this fantastic Club. Thank you all, you are the best!