Darwen Grading Results: 20-3-2016

Congratulations to all the students who successfully passed their next grades in Darwen last weekend. The energy, effort and enthusiasm on the day was second to none and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei was very disappointed to have nothing to moan about at all!

Every student tried really hard from start to finish and did their Instructors proud. The white belts on their very first grading were excellent. You have taken the first step on your journey to black belt and all did brilliantly.

There was some outstanding performances from Joe Pratley, Sarah Evans and Andy Matanle. There has also been excellent progress made by a Edison Chan and Katie Watterson and we were very impressed.

All of the purple belts going to purple and white belt had improved considerably since we last saw them. Xander Matanle, Caroline and Kirsten Wood, Thomas Collin and Scott Whalley all gave 100% effort and barely put a foot wrong all grading. They were made to work hard, put under pressure and definitely rose to the challenge. Well done to you all.

The following students all successfully attempted their Brown Belts and above and did brilliantly. The combinations section in particular was awesome and they gave every ounce of energy they had till the very end. They showed high standards in their katas and fought bravely in the kumite and Nicola Holland Sensei and her teaching team should be very proud of what they have achieved.

3rd Kyu 

Will Perrin – Outstanding effort from start to finish despite carrying an injury. Will has excellent karate with no weak areas. His combinations and Katas were very strong and well practised and he showed good spirit in the kumite. Well done and keep up the great work.

Simon Mattinson – What an improvement between purple & white belt and brown belt. He worked tirelessly from start to finish and did brilliantly in the kumite to continue when he reached the point of exhaustion. Simon is a very worthy brown belt and will no doubt keep up the great work. His enthusiasm for karate is infectious and he really did lead by example and lifted all of the other higher grades with his great attitude and impressive work rate.

Adam Bennett – Another little superstar who had made massive improvement. He turned up at the grading with a point to prove and certainly did that! If his goal was to show us he has what it takes to be a black belt then it is safe to say that his mission was accomplished. Well done Adam.

Lily Whalley – Lily has beautiful karate, she works really hard and like her big sister Hannah is a very dedicated and talented member of the class. Her Katas are outstanding and she has worked to improve her kumite. She was impressive throughout the grading and thoroughly deserved her 3rd Kyu.

2nd Kyu

Ava Nicholson – The very best performance we have ever seen from Ava, what a naturally gifted and hard working young lady. Her Katas were technically very good and practised to perfection. She has great focus and has improved her sparring using more kicks and combinations. We were mightily impressed by little Ava and are excited to see just how good she can be next time around.

Jaime Pratley – Jaime is another super-talent. Both he and Ava are always excellent so we expect a lot from them every time they grade. Jaime exceeded all expectations and improves immensely every time we see him. His kicks and kumite were fab and his katas once again were outstanding. There really is nothing this young man is not good at and he is a future superstar. His attitude is spot on and with his talent and work rate, he will go very very far. Congratulations young man.

Ciaran Abbott – Ciaran earned every inch of his 2nd Kyu belt and had made such a massive improvement that he was awarded Paul Wolstencroft Sensei’s Student of the Grading trophy. What an impressive performance from a young man who has transformed his karate with nothing but great attitude and hard work. He was fantastic throughout and is shaping up to become an excellent Black Belt when his time comes in the near future. A top lad who did a top job. Well done!

Huge thanks to all the parents and relatives who’s support never goes unnoticed. You really do help the students through a difficult grading and we appreciate you very much.

The Instructors working in the area are also amazing. Nicola Sensei is an excellent leader and has created a friendly, hard-working, caring, talented and enthusiastic team. Without her and the the help of her team, the students could not achieve everything that they do. It’s a team effort and and a team achievement and this area is going from strength to strength.