Darwen Grading Results: 19th November 2016


Congratulations to all the students who successfully graded at the Darwen Grading on Saturday 19th November. We were delighted with the standard on display on the day and it really is a fab area to come and visit. The students are like one big family who really support one another and will each other to do well.

There were some fantastic individual performances I will talk about later but overall, the standard was high. You cannot fault the effort in the area and technically the karate is very sound. The students knew their syllabus and from the katas – to the combinations – to the kumite, there were no weak areas.

The beginners were absolutely fab and tried really hard. The students from Blackburn were all little superstars and it was lovely to see the Mant/Hall family travelling all the way from Lancaster to achieve their belts. We were impressed with the Ahmad family, Joe Pratley, Freddie Leaver and William Christoforo, all grading to green belt. Well done.

Two students Ayaan and Zidane from the Bury class travelled over to complete their grading as they were ill last week. Both boys did brilliantly in unfamiliar surroundings and tried really hard from the beginning right through to the end.

Tina Mant did really well and absolutely smashed her Kata section after a nervous start. She deserved her 4th Kyu 100%. Zak Gould was exceptional throughout the grading, he showed amazing potential and is certainly on to watch for the future. Well done little pocket rocket!

We always mention by name those students who have showed great dedication and reached the level of brown belt and above. We would hope that these students continue to work hard and progress and make it all the way to Black Belt.

3rd Kyu 

Edison Chan – Edison was outstanding throughout the grading, this young man just gets better and better everytime we see him and there are no weak areas in his karate at all. He was amazing. Keep up the great work.

Jos Hall – Fantastic grading from this lovely young man, he worked really hard throughout and was very determined to get his brown belt. He has improved considerably and pays attention to detail and works well with his Instructor. Congratulations Jos.

Priya Bradley – Priya had an awesome grading, her focus throughout was second to none. She really has stepped her karate up a gear and looks like she thoroughly enjoys what she does. What a star in the making, keep up the great work missus.


2nd Kyu

Lily Whalley – A Student of the Grading worthy performance from this fantastic little karateka. The best part of Lilys karate has always been her katas but this time around we noticed that she is really strengthening up in every area. Her Katas were as outstanding as ever and she really is a superb little student with enormous potential. Well done Lily on not only your 2nd Kyu but also your fab trophy. What a star!

Adam Bennett – When it comes to sheer effort and determination, they don’t come better than Adam. He gave it 110% effort from start to finish! Absolutely brilliant. He is a courageous little fighter and has smartened up his Katas and his combinations. Amazing improvement – well done!


1st Kyu

Jaime Pratley – Jaime is a supertsar, what a grading, what a weekend. His karate is exceptional, he has a great attitude and is a marvellous role model for all the other kids. He is hardworking, talented and is starting to believe in himself more and more. Outstanding grading from a wonderful little man! Next stop – Black Belt and we have no doubt you’ll get there.

Ciaran Abbott – Ciaran is a really strong, focused student who has made tons of progress between 2nd and 1st Kyu. He is a really likeable and talented karate student and is a great role model to others. Always polite and hard working, we are so happy he earned his 1st Kyu and it was very well deserved.

Ava Nicholson –  Absolutely beautiful karate from a beautiful young lady. Ava enjoyed a superb grading and was completely exhausted by the end. She worked so hard and gave it everything she had. Her karate is outstanding for her age and she has always been one of the best young girls in the entire karate club. She has so much potential and we can tell there is still more to come. Brilliant grading from a lovely young lady. Well done.

As always we must thank the parents and supporters who came along on the day to cheer the students on and keep them going when they’ve had enough. Your support plays a crucial part in their continued success.

Thank you to the Instructors working in the area for all your hard work on the day but more importantly for giving up your time and sharing your expertise with these fab students week in, week out. Jade Rigby, Jo Sysum, Gary Pratley have all been acting Instructors over the last few weeks and months and are all doing an absolutely amazing job, all three have everything it takes to lead and run great classes and the standard of the students on the day proves this. Huge thanks to Sensei John and Sensei Callum for all their help and hard work on the day.

Biggest thanks as always in this area goes to Sensei Nicola who is always there to support, advise and encourage everyone from Instructors, to students, she cares so much about the Club and her students and this the reason why the area runs so successfully. The students show a great amount of respect to Nicola Sensei and deservedly so. Thank you for everything, you really are a star!