Connor Cherry Sensei grades to Sandan in Japan

We are very proud to report that Connor Cherry Sensei has successfully attempted his Sandan (3rd Dan Black Belt) in Japan at the JKS World Technical Seminar in Tokyo. He has been working so hard for the last few months to improve his karate, refine his technique and increase his fitness to withstand anything that could have been thrown at him.

Connor Sensei proved to the examiners that he has reached a very high level of skill and passed his grading at his very first attempt. Empi was Connor Sensei’s chosen Kata and he executed it brilliantly. The examiners then chose Kata ‘Bassai-Dai’ and knowing Connor Sensei – I bet he couldn’t believe his luck!

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So for all you black and brown belts out there, never forget to keep studying your Bassai Dai! Then the best bit came next – the kumite. Connor Sensei’s favourite and an area in which he always excels. Congratulation Master Cherry.

To grade in Japan is an extraordinary achievement for anyone, but Connor Sensei has done this at just 20 years old. The pressure on his shoulders must have been indescribable. To keep so calm and composed in that situation, in front of the very best Instructors in the World – and perform at your best. That is inspirational, we should all be so proud of this hard working and hugely gifted young karateka. Massive thanks to all who have let him practise with you over the last few weeks. It’s all paid off.

Thanks also to Joanne and Michael Cherry who have always believed in their sons’ enormous potential and enabled him to achieve his dream. He is lucky to have you.

Well done young man. You can (sort of) enjoy the rest of your trip now! Unless you walk into the last few sessions and its Kanayama Sensei – I wish you good luck and a new set of legs! Haha”


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Connor Sensei here pictured above with Inada Sensei and below with Matt Price Sensei.

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