Connor Cherry passes the Assistant Instructor Exam

We are delighted to announce that Connor Cherry has passed our Assistant Instructor program with flying colours, dropping only 4 marks on the entire exam. Connor has been learning to teach at our Denton dojo and Steve Dargan Sensei’s Reddish dojo for the last twelve months.
He is a very competent karateka and engages well with all students; both children and adults alike. Connor is mature way beyond his years and teaches with complete confidence. He delivered a well-planned and thoroughly enjoyable class and will make an excellent future Instructor.
The students really like him and he is particularly good at teaching Kata. He was very patient and showed great attention to detail, both are very important when you are teaching complex Kata sequences.
Connor taught the full junior grades class and completed his assessment with the brown and black belts. He coped brilliantly when tested by some of the higher grades and we are very pleased to be welcoming him to our rapidly expanding team! His enthusiasm and unquestionable talent will take him very far.