Congratulations to Phillip Burton for achieving his Shodan

Last Sunday the JKS held an excellent Brown and Black Belt course followed by a Dan Grading. Phillip and Gregory Burton attended and worked really hard throughout the course and attempted to complete their Shodan by retaking the kumite section. 
We must give extra credit to the boys who were both well out of their comfort zone and did the very best they could. Both looked very nervous to begin with and after Alan Sensei kindly allowed them to retake the section together, unfortunately it was only Pimagehillip who found himself successful this time round. 
Greg knows what he needs to do to improve further and is determined to try again. Greg is a very resilient young man who knows that he has what it takes. He was back in the dojo training hard the very next day despite fracturing his finger. 
Phillip however is proudly wearing his new Black Belt so if you see him at classes or Cadet Class make sure you extend your congratulations. Phillip’s Black Belt is very richly deserved and we are proud of him for what he has now achieved and refusing to give up the first time around. Well Done.