Congratulations to Aurelie Girault for passing her Assistants Exam

We would like to say a big well done to Aurelie Girault who helps Sempai Callum at the Stoneclough class on Tuesday evenings for passing her Assistant Instructor Exam at her very first attempt.

Aurelie is a fantastic student and trains three times a week with her equally brilliant kids Kyle and Lola. We are delighted to report that she did wonderfully well and is now a fully qualified member of our Assistant Instructor Team.

We must also congratulate Callum Miles Sensei as he has been working with Aurelie, guiding her through the book and helping her learn how to teach others with more confidence. A job well done young man.

Big thanks to Mike Beckwith Sensei for conducting the assessment on Tuesday 8th March, he made the following comments:

“Aurelie has been training as an Assistant for quite some time now and is always impressive at Assistant Instructor and combined classes. I was expecting good things and was not disappointed at all. She was a bit apprehensive to begin with, but soon found a rhythm that continued through the class.

It was a small but mixed class with a couple of students on their first or second lessons and a couple of black belts too, but predominantly this was a mid range class which could be difficult for even the most experienced Instructors but she balanced the class really well and managed to cater for everyone.

She started off with some good exercises in the warm up – doing different exercises but related them to animals so the younger / newer ones found it fun. Egg bunny hops, duck waddles and frog jumps.

Aurelie then went into the stretching. It was a good section again with plenty of positive encouragement for the students, pretty much a text book section. She had obviously read the manual and listened to all the other Instructors she has trained with.

The next section (strikes and blocks) was another good section with great demonstrations and plenty of positive encouragement for the students.

Aurelie then moved on to the kicking section again with some great demonstrations. She used all the correct terminology and there was plenty of encouragement for the students.

Stances – Aurelie worked hard on this section and had obviously put some thought into it to try and make it more interesting especially for the lower grades and it worked well for her.

The Kata section was a bit of a tricky section for Aurelie due to there being new students in the class. She did really well though and there was plenty of encouragement for everyone as they worked their way through Heian Shodan

Finally the class finished with the Kumite section. Again this was a well thought out section which was made a bit trickier due to the fact there were new students in the class. She started by teaching a simple two move combination as a line drill and then encouraged the students to use it in their normal free sparring. Again this worked really well.

All in all it was a very good assessment with some good ideas thrown into the mix. Aurelie delivered a great class and I am sure she will be a more than capable Assistant in any class and ultimately an excellent Club Instructor.

Well done again Aurelie – Osu”.