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***Competition Time***


Mad times call for a bit of fun for our karate-kids!

One or two of us Instructors have a friend that turns up to our classes in various guises each week and he goes by the name of SpoonyMcspoonface.

He’s a legend!

However we’ve noticed he has no friends 🙁 so we’ve decided to have a competition to find him some.

Here is an AWESOME example made by Jake Quinn from our Haslingden class:

No description available.

Well done Jake!

There will be three Categories:

1) Happy Spooney Face

2) Sad Spooney Face

3) Sensei Spooney Face

There will be a prizes for the winners and runners up.  This is open to all even us big kids, give it a go guys just a bit of lighthearted fun in these mad times. You can make one spoon, or all three!

For those of us who have no idea what on Earth is going on – Leesa and Mike Beckwith Sensei’s started the spoon craze. They used their spoons to let the students know if they were happy with their karate or not so happy!

These are the original spoons:

No description available.

So come on everyone, get creating! We can’t wait to see your wonderful designs! All you need is some wooden spoons, a few craft supplies/colouring pens and a creative imagination!

Sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are all welcome to have a go.

Mike and Leesa Beckwith Sensei and Gary Pratley Sensei will be the judges. Here is another marvellous Jake Quinn creation of Mike and Leesa Sensei:

No description available.

Send your name and your photos to by Sunday 31st January. Winners will be announced and contacted on Monday 1st February.

Huge thank you to Michelle (Jake Quinns Mum) and Caroline Wood for this brilliant idea!