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***Cobra Kai Karate Kid Competition***

Half term is here for most of us and we have a fantastic competition for you!

We are inviting all our karate-mad kids to submit a video showing off your awesome skills.

We are looking for Red Tiger’s Karate Kid!

Whether or not you’ve watched the Cobra Kai series or any of The Karate Kid movies, we know that most of you are punching and kicking crazy and we want to see you in action!

Special Prizes:

We have some Cobra Kai T-shirts and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the lucky winners. The prizes will be posted out to your home address.

What you need to do to enter: 

All you need to do is record a short clip of you showing off your kumite skills (alone or with a partner) and send it to us for judging. You can post the video on our Facebook group if you like or if you aren’t feeling that brave, send it in via email to Don’t forget to add your name and age (16 and under only).

The video needs to be no longer than 20 seconds and please be careful when practising – especially if you opponent doesn’t actually do karate! It’s been a while since we have all sparred folks. We don’t want any accidents at home.

Some ideas……….

You could use kick pads/focus mitts/freestanding bags or nothing at all.

You can do it in your gi or any kind of superhero costume you have.

The more creative – the better!

Here’s a few ideas but feel free to come up with your own…..

  • Punching through paper
  • Make your own headband – a paper one will do!
  • Throwing something up in the air and spinning hook kicking it
  • Shuto through something easily breakable
  • Kumite practise with a partner
  • Make your own Kata
  • You can add music/special sound effects – go for it!
  • Don’t forget your loudest KIAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We cannot wait to see what you all come up with.

Competition ends this Sunday @ 8pm and the winner and runners up will be announced next Monday 22nd February.

Good luck everyone – it’s all a bit of fun 🙂