Club Kumite Championships Leaflet and Entry Forms

Our Club Kumite Championships is fast approaching on Sunday 25th September. This is our second Tournament of the year and will be held in the Darwen area of the Club.

Venue: Darwen Vale High School, Blackburn Road, Darwen, Lancashire: BB3 0AL.

Time: 10am-4pm with events running all day, you only need to attend at the time of your event which will be posted on our website on Thursday 22nd September.

Entry closes on Wednesday 21st September with late entries being subject to a surcharge. Please submit your entry fees with your entry form. Families of three or more get a 20% discount on the total cost of entry fees.

You can download the leaflet and entry forms which contain everything you need to know about the day and how much it costs to enter.

Win, lose or draw this is always a fantastic day to be enjoyed by everyone.

There are categories for everyone from white belt beginners right up to Black Belts, 5 year olds right up to 65 year olds!

All students who take part will be awarded a certificate for their effort and bravery and the referees are very strict on contact to minimise the risk of injury. Children’s categories are strictly non contact as are the family events and Kickmaster.

We have a new event for all to take part in whereby you don’t even have to fight somebody else! Simply show the best of your skills on one of our freestanding Pads and you could find yourself being crown our first ever Kickmaster Champion. There are 4 large ‘Champion’ trophies on offer for the winners of this brand new event.

With over 180 medals and 6 Trophies up for grabs you have to be in it to win it. If you don’t win – you learn so there really is nothing to lose. Come along, test your skills, be part of the team and enjoy a great day with your karate friends.

The medals really are the best we have ever had so they are well worth fighting for!

It is free to watch so bring all the family to support you in your quest for GOLD.

Remember refreshments will be available on the day along with photos so there’s nothing you need to bring other than your license, your kumite equipment and a great attitude! Anyone displaying a poor attitude or bad sportsmanship will have their medals cancelled and will be banned from further competition. Thankfully we have never had to do this and don’t expect to as it’s always a brilliant day!

You can take part in the following events – remember the more you enter, the more practise you get and the more chance you have to win medals:

Individual Events – Point scoring sparring against other students of a similar age and grade. First student to be awarded 3 points or the student with the most points after 1 minute 30 seconds. There are categories for everyone including white belts.

Team Events – Categorised by age, each team must have 3 members. You can put together your own team or put yourself forward and we will put you in a team. Each person will spar and the first student to be awarded 1 full point or the winner after 1 minute will get a point for his/her team. The winning team will be the first team to 2 points and they will progress to the next round.

Family Event: Strictly no contact event, each team must be related with a minimum of 2 competitors (1 to be an adult). Will work in exactly the same way as the team event. If the other team has more competitors, you may have to fight twice.

Brand New! Kickmaster Event: Two competitors will compete against each other by doing point scoring style kumite on a freestanding Kick Pad or Bob (the freestanding dummy). Three judges will use the flag system to indicate which student they thought performed the best in the allocated time, with the winner progressing to the next round. We have categories for Under 16 boys, Under 16 girls, 17 + Males and 17+ Females with large Champion Trophies for the winners of each category. Try and make your kumite as impressive as possible – think spinning kicks, combinations, strong kiai’s & good movement around the pad.

Download your leaflet and entry form here or they will be available to collect in classes from Wednesday onwards.

Kumite Championships Leaflet:

Kumite Tournament Leaflet Sept 2016

Entry forms: 

Kumite Tournament Entry Form