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Club Kumite Championships a big success! Results and Write up

What a fantastic day at our Club Kumite Championships held in the impressive Darwen Vale High School on Sunday 25th September.

The day ran very smoothly (at least until the adults and teenagers categories) and I think it is fair to say that overall, it was a hugely enjoyable and successful day.

Everyone left a winner because they were all rewarded with certificates and have learned how to improve and progress next time. Competitive karate is an excellent learning experience so that you can measure where you are up to, when compared with others.

You should be very proud of yourself for being brave enough to have a go. You should now look back on your performance and find ways to improve. Did you get hit with the same technique more than once? Do you need to be a bit sharper or more dynamic? Could you improve your movement? Have a think about how you did and find ways to get better.

Huge thank you to all of our dedicated team of Instructors who gave up their valuable free time to arrive early, set up the venue, officiate all day and help us clear everything away at the end of the day. They all worked so hard. Nowhere, will you find a team as committed as ours who will work together and make sure that the students have a great day. We are so lucky and very grateful for each and everyone of you.

This was our first time running the flag system which enabled our students to experience what it will be like should they wish to start competing outside of the Club. We were far from perfect and still have a lot to learn, but you all did your best and hopefully enjoyed the experience.

We witnessed some outstanding performances on the day and the standard just keeps getting better and better. However, we are more proud of the fact that win, lose or draw, our students showed excellent sportsmanship and utmost respect for one another and that is what karate is all about. Your lessons/ kumite rounds begin and end with ‘rei’ – a bow and a show of respect for each other.

We all started the day as friends and classmates and hopefully ended the day with even more friends from other dojos.

May we congratulate all of the students who took part and the parents who gave up their day to come and support their loved ones. Without you, we couldn’t put on these great events. We’d also like to thank Jessica, Ben and Scott who provided food and drinks all day and Helen who was really helpful selling the stock.

There were 2 professional photographers capturing the action and winning moments on the day – Laura and Robert Graham from RG Event Photography. Their photos look awesome and you will be able to view and purchase these online over the next few days. Thank you both for doing a fab job at such short notice.

Below are the results and medals winners from the day. Congratulations to the students below who on this day, fought hard and earned medals. Remember, you are only champion for the day – tomorrow the hard work continues back in the dojo.

Karate is like hot water – you must keep it on the boil. You lose what you don’t use. There will be students who didn’t medal coming back next time motivated and more determined than ever to grab one of the top spots. It is up to you whether you stay on top, or you don’t.


Tatami 1 Results


Event 1:

Age: 6-7 years, Girls. Grades: Orange, Yellow and Purple and White Belts

1st Place: Scarlett Norman

2nd Place: Megan Dale

3rd Place: Katy Lees


Event 2:

Age: 8-9 Years, Girls. Grades: Orange, Red and Green Belts

1st Place: Demi McDonagh

2nd Place: Nicole South

3rd Place: Grace Prince


Event 3:

Age: 8-10 Years, Boys. Grades: Orange, Red, Yellow, Green and Purple Belts

1st Place: Max Colville

2nd Place: Aaron Jefferson

3rd Place: Harrison Smith/ Sam Lees


Event 4:

Age: 11-12 years + 13 year old Red Belt, Males. Grades: All Grades up to 4th Kyu Purple and White Belt

1st Place: Lucas Goodier

2nd Place: Matthew Tyrell

3rd Place: Thomas Collin


Event 5:

Age: 13-17 year old, Girls. Grades: All Grades up to 1st Kyu

1st Place: Nicole Chadwick

2nd Place: Isabelle Wilkie

3rd Place: Lucy Davies


Event 6:

Age: Adults 18 years +, Males. Grades: Up to 4th Kyu Purple and White Belts

1st Place: Andy Matanle

2nd Place: Darren Moss

3rd Place: Paul Evans


Event 7:

Junior Team Kumite 5- 8 Years all grades

1st Place: Izzy Baron, Sonny Millington, Benjamin Finney

2nd Place: Lukas Riewald-Pilling, Bradley Oliver, Max Colville

Joint 3rd Place: Jessica Higgs, Jacob Waters, Kaiden Hindley & Freyja Lundin, Giuseppe Pezzino, Noah Vernon


Event 8:

Adult Team Kumite 17 and over

1st Place: Connor Cherry, Dave Thomas & ???

2nd Place: Lee Rylance, Simon Mattinson, John O Donovan

3rd Place: Brendan Conyard, Bradley Kancho, Su Matthews


Tatami 2 Results 


Event 1:

Age: 6-7 Years, Boys. Grades: Orange, Red,Yellow and Green Belts

1st Place: Lucas South

2nd Place: Edward Norman

3rd Place: Kaiden Hindley


Event 2:

Age: 7 Years, Boys. Grades: Green, Purple and Brown Belts

1st Place: Ethan Kirk

2nd Place: Zak Gould

3rd Place: Ben Finney


Event 3:

Age: 10 Years. Boys. Grades: Purple and White Belts, Brown Belts, 2nd Kyu’s and 1st Kyu’s.

1st Place: Kyle Girault

2nd Place: Kevin Longthorne

3rd Place: James Sherlock


Event 4:

Age: 11-12 Years. Boys. Grades: Brown Belts, 2nd Kyu’s, 1st Kyu’s and Black Belts

1st Place: Matthew Affleck

2nd Place: Adam Karabedian

3rd Place: Jake Gould


Event 5:

Age: 11-12 Years, Girls, Grades: Brown Belts, 2nd Kyu’s, 1st Kyu’s and Black Belts

1st Place: Molly Austin-Hogsden

2nd Place: Millie Davies

3rd Place: Abby Fielding


Event 6:

Age:  13-14 Years, Girls. Grades: Black Belts

1st Place: Lori-Ann Moran

2nd Place: Grace Baron

Joint 3rd Place: Amelia Karabedian & Leah Clare


Event 7:

Age: 13-14 Years, Males. Grades: 4th Kyu – Black Belts

1st Place: Sam Jackson

2nd Place: Louis Johnson

3rd Place: Ben Duckworth



Event 8:

Age: 15 – 17 Years, Males. Grades: Black Belts

1st Place: Bradley Kancho-Bowker

2nd Place: Chris Dempsey

3rd Place: Louis Standring


Event 9:

Junior Team Kumite 13-16 Years all grades

1st Place: Sam Jackson, Grace Baron. Lori-Ann Moran

2nd Place: Louis Standring, Matthew Lowe, Christopher Dempsey

3rd Place: Jo Woodman, Leah Clare, Lewis Thomas


Event 10:

Under 16 Females Kickmaster Kumite

1st Place: Amelia Karabedian

2nd Place: Izzy Baron

3rd Place: Isabelle Wilkie and Molly Austin-Hogsden


Event 11:

Kickmaster Kumite Under 16 Boys

1st Place: Louis Johnson

2nd Place: Matthew Affleck

3rd Place: Ellis Pindoria-Stott and Sam Jackson


Event 12:

Adult Kickmaster Males and Adult Kickmaster Females


1st Place: Connor Cherry

2nd Place: Daryl Brady

Joint 3rd Place: Lee Rylance, Anthony Greenough


Female Kickmaster Champion

1st Place: Bernadette Burton


Tatami 3


Event 1:

Age: 4 to 9 years, Girls. Grades: White Belts Tag Sparring

1st Place: Lexi Collier-Baker

2nd Place: Meghan Rigby

Joint 3rd Place: Ruby Grace Healey and Alysha Megan Gerrard


Event 2:

Age: 8-9 years, Boys. Grades: Purple and White Belts, Brown  Belts and 2nd Kyu’s

1st Place: Zak Thomas-Hursthurst

2nd Place: Corey Stevens

3rd Place: Jacob Kirk


Event 3:

Age: 8-9 years, Girls. Grades: Purple Belts, Purple and White Belts, Brown Belts and 2nd Kyu’s

1st Place: Izzy Baron

2nd Place: Ella Rylance

3rd Place: Betty Eccles


Event 4:

Age: 10-12 Years (plus 10 Year old 3rd and 2nd Kyu’s), Girls. Grades: Up to 4th Kyu plus 2 x 10 year old brown belts

1st Place: Holly Dale

2nd Place: Gina Farrance

3rd Place: Ellie Laytham


Event 5:

Age: Adult 18 +, Females. Grades: Up to 2nd Kyu

1st Place: Jo Sysum

2nd Place: Su Matthews

3rd Place: Jade Rigby


Event 6:

Age: Adult 18 +, Males.Grades: Brown to Black Belts

1st Place: Ron Matthews

2nd Place: John O’ Donavan

3rd Place: Lee Rylance


Event 7:

Junior Team Kumite 9-12 Years

1st Place: Jasmine Johnston, Keeley Barton, Ellie Laytham

2nd Place: Ava Nicholson, Jaime Pratley, Adam Bennett

3rd Place: Jack Goman, Finley McLennan, James Sherlock


Event 10:

Family Kumite

1st Place: Bernadette, Phillip and Greg Burton

2nd Place: Dave Thomas and Lewis Thomas

3rd Place: John O’ Donovan, Lilly O’ Donovan and Amy O’ Donovan


Your next opportunity to compete externally is at the JKS Scotland Nationals in Grangemouth on Sunday 23rd October or the JKS England Nationals on Sunday 20th November. Our Club Competition will be early next year so look out for it on our 2017 calendar. JKS England will be looking for volunteers to help referee, officiate with flags, scorekeep and timekeep at their Nationals in Nottingham. If you are an Instructor interested in doing this and completing Officials Qualifications in your license book please speak to Paul Wolstencroft Sensei.

Weekly Kata and Kumite Squad training takes place with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei every Monday evening at Thornleigh Salesian High School from 7pm-8pm. The cost of this class is £6 per person. Please do not attend this lesson if you are LAZY! The highest level of commitment is expected at this class, you will only see results and improvement if you attend every single week.

We take pride in all of our events so if you have any comments or feedback which would help us further improve the running of our Championships in the future please speak to your Instructor or send an email to

Would you like to see us run both kata and kumite events on the same day? Would you like to attend an after tournament party? All suggestions and ideas will be welcomed.