Children’s Parties

Make your little Karate Kids’ big day by booking one of our fantastic new Karate Birthday Parties!

Your child and all his/her friends can become little ninjas for the day and have the best party they’ve ever had! We play Karate based games and do exciting competitions with great prizes to be won. We’ll keep all the kids busy for 1 hour 30 minutes so you’ve got nothing to worry about!

A Karate Birthday Party? I’ve never heard of it, what do you do?

We provide you with a qualified Karate Instructor (or 2 or 3 depending on how many children are attending) who will keep all of the children entertained for 1 hour 30 minutes. The children will learn the FUNdamentals of karate (e.g. respect, discipline, teamwork, positive attitude as well as some basic techniques that they can build on should they wish to join our Club).

All the children will do a short warm up and learn a few strikes, blocks and kicks with the birthday child as a Special Sensei for the day, helping out the Instructor and showing all their friends how good at karate they are. The birthday child will also receive a birthday present from the club. We will then get the children to compete with each other individually and in teams for great prizes. The children will also get to practise what they learn using our Kickpads, pugel sticks and training equpiment.

Unlike most parties, we will do our best to make sure that all of the children have been thoroughly exercised and feel tired out by the end! The birthday child may wear their Karate uniform and belt if they have one but all of the other children can just wear loose fitting clothing or whatever they feel comfortable in. If we are outside everyone will need to wear suitable footwear (i.e. trainers or pumps) and clothing according to the weather.

Sounds Good, What do I need to do?

All you need to do is take care of the invitations and the venue. In the summer, (weather permitting) parties can be held in your back garden. If you have a small party (i.e. 10 children) we can probably do it in your house providing your chosen room is big enough and any breakables are out of reach! If you struggling to find a venue we can help you. Places we use for our evening classes e.g. Community Centres etc. can be hired at very cheap rates for birthday parties.

There is also the decorations, food, cake and party bags. We can provide a personalised Karate cake for around £35.00 which serves 20~25 people from a local bakery, or you can bring your own. Many of the children will win prizes but you will need to provide the party bags and decorations if you wish to. We normally finish the party and the children eat the food afterwards, that way we can keep the children busy whilst you prepare the food.

Who is a Karate Party suitable for?

It is suitable for children of any age. We will tailor your party to the ages of the children attending. It is easy to get everyone involved when they are having so much fun. We can do just girls parties, just boys parties or mixed. Just read the testimonial below

“I am writing to thank you for making Ted’s party such a success, no-one had been to a karate party before so they didn’t know what to expect, but every one of the children loved it!

I thought you did a fantastic job, I loved that every single child took part in every activity and even though the age range was quite varied (the youngest was 4 and oldest was 10) you held their attention and interest throughout.

Ted especially enjoyed playing “king of the ring” and his older brother loved learning and practising the punches on the pads. I know two of the other boys at the party have already said that they want a karate party for their birthdays.

I have done quite a few parties over the years and I can honestly say this was the best one yet. Thank you.”

Testimonial from Ally Briscoe
(Parent of Wilmslow student Ted Briscoe age 7 who had his karate party in August)

How much will a karate party cost?

The minimum number of children at a party would be 10 and it costs just £7.00 per child. The birthday child will be free of charge. There are no hidden extras, its £7.00 per child and that’s it. We think that this offers extraordinary value for money considering that some children’s entertainers charge well over £100.00. You will need to pay a deposit of £30.00* to secure your booking and pay the rest of the balance at the end of the party.

How do I book a karate party?

Once you have decided that you would like a karate party you will need to book at least 2 weeks in advance of the date that you want the party. We recommend that you try and book much earlier (i.e. 4~6 weeks in advance) especially if you have special requirements i.e. a particular one of our Sensei’s. We do not want to disappoint any of our Karate Kids by being unavailable. We can offer you evening or weekend parties providing it is not a grading or tournament day, in which case all Sensei’s will be unavailable.

To book your karate party, please call us on 0844 391 5535 or use our contact form and provide the following information:

  • Your name, email address & contact number
  • The name and age of your child and the date of the proposed party
  • The approximate number of the children attending and where you would like to hold it.

We will than call you to discuss availability and your requirements.

*Should you wish to cancel your party you will need to give at least 48 hours’ notice or you will lose your deposit as we will have purchased items/prizes for the party.

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