Central England Open Results: 2nd July 2017


Big well done to all the Red Tigers who took part in the Central England Open on Sunday 2nd July.

This is a high level competition with competitors travelling from all over the UK and abroad to compete for some very impressive medals and trophies.

We took a strong team and had a fab day. Well done to the following competitors:

Leah Clare, Ben Duckworth, Abby Fielding, Danny Silverwood, Lewis Thomas, Lola Girault, Kyle, Girault, Kevin Longthorne, Holly Dale, Sonny Millington, Alex Ryan and Izzy Baron. 

All of our team went out with a good attitude to try to win but more importantly, gain that valuable experience they all need to improve. Compete with the best to become the best.

Competitions are all about getting out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself and learning. Learn from more experienced and successful competitors. Learn from your own performance, look at what went right and what went wrong. There is only you who can fix what you need to.

You’ve just got to keep trying and that is how winning is done. Putting your ego aside is number one. You are all ‘beginners’ at competitive karate no matter what your grade or how long you have been training.

You were all brave enough to put yourselves out there and give it a go. For that, we are proud of you all.

We also had the following JKS England Squad members in action:

Zak Thomas-Blackhurst, Matthew Affleck. Sam Jackson, Louis Johnson, Callum Miles, Lori-Ann Moran, Grace Baron and Molly Austin-Hogsden. 

You were fantastic as always, well done.

JKS England were on fire throughout the day, picking up Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in categories all day long. They must have come near the top of the medal table and they were inspirational to watch as always. There are a lot of different styles of karate on display at this competition and JKS England brought the Shotokan in style!

Results from the Red Tiger Squad include: 

  • 1 Silver medal for Kevin Longthorne – 2nd Place in 10-12 years individual kumite
  • 3 Bronze medals for Izzy Baron – 3rd Place in under 9 years pairs kata, under 9 years individual kata and individual kumite
  • 2 Bronze medals for Lola Girault – 3rd Place in pairs kata and individual kumite


Red Tigers on the JKS England Squad earned the following medals: 

  • 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal for Zak Thomas-Blackhurst (1st in individual kumite 10- 12 years, 2nd place in 10-12 years pairs kata with Molly and 3rd place in 10-12 years individual kata)
  • 1 Bronze medal for Matthew Affleck in 10-12 years individual kata
  • 1 Silver medal for Molly Austin-Hogsden in 10-12 years pairs kata with Zak
  • 1 Bronze medal for Grace Baron for 13-15 years pairs kata with Sam Jackson
  • 1 Bronze medal and 1 Silver medal for Sam Jackson (3rd place for 13-15 years pairs kata with Grace and 2nd place for 13-15 years team kata with Rowan Reeve and James Harrison).


The next squad our squad is due to attend is the JKS Scottish Nationals in October.

Selected JKS England Squad members will be in action at the JKS European Championships in Belgium in September. Best of luck to all who have earned their selection. Based on some of the exceptional performances on Sunday, fingers crossed their will be some JKS European Champions bringing the gold back to JKS England.

Huge thanks as always to the parents for their support, Mike Baron Sensei for his coaching and the England Squad coaches Matt Price Sensei, Nick Heald Sensei and Ashley Scott-Heald Sensei for your valuable support and honest feedback.