Central England Open Results: 03/07/2016

We are pleased to report that our team had a fantastic experience at the Central England Open. We were a few Red Tigers short due to other commitments and they were missed, however the team that went, did brilliantly.

We took Sonny Millington, Abby Fielding, Izzy Baron, Zak Thomas Blackhurst and Callum Miles Sensei. Lori-Ann Moran, Grace Baron and Sam Jackson also attended as part of the JKS Engalnd Squad and they all put in strong performances and above all – came home having learned and enjoyed a good experience.

CEO Team

Callum Sensei attended only his 2nd external tournament and got to spar one of the English Karate Federations most talented rising stars; Jordan Thomas – a European Kumite Champion who went on to dominate his category. Callum Sensei held his own and really enjoyed his fight. This was a great experience for him and one he would have never had if he’d sat at home on the sofa!

Sonny and Abby also had a great day and were unlucky not to make it through their rounds. We are proud of them both for taking part.

Our team were delighted to have managed to win a grand total of 7 medals on the day. The Central England Open is a very prestigious event. The standard of competition is high and it is run by a well respected Wado-Ryu association. To have even got one medal, we would have been pleased, so to win seven is awesome and we are over the moon. Happy and proud.

JKS England did brilliantly on the day finishing with 6 Golds, 3 Silver and 7 Bronze medals. Congratulations to all of the JKS England Squad members who took part. It was a pleasure to watch you all do what you do best!

More good news is that both Grace Baron and Sam Jackson have been selected to compete at the JKS World Championships in Glasgow in September. This is an amazing opportunity for them both and one that is very well deserved. Congratulations and lets get cracking on the preparation.

From our little team we managed to win the following: 

3rd Place for Lori-Ann Moran, Grace Baron and Sam Jackson for 13-15 years Team Kata

3rd Place in both Kata and Kumite for Izzy Baron

3rd Place in Kata and 2nd Place in Kumite for Zak Thomas-Blackhurst

So we rounded off the day with 6 bronzes and 1 silver. Well done to you all. Let’s beat this total at our next comp, the JKS Scotland Championships on the 23rd October which is open to all members. We are looking for more members to join our super talented little squad. Even if you just want to have a go, we have a great day just supporting one another, you have absolutely nothing lose.

Weekly squad training takes place on Mondays from 7pm-8pm which comprises of Intensive fitness, Kata and Kumite only with Paul Wolstencroft Sensei. This class costs £6 per person and is open to everyone. JKS England Squad members are free of charge. You don’t have to attend the Squad class to enter the tournaments, it will just help to prepare you a little better if it is something you want to start doing.

As ever thanks to the parents who are a wonderfully supportive and positive bunch on the day and Mike Baron Sensei for helping to coach our students.