Cadet Leader and Assistant Selection Results

Our annual selections class was held on Sunday 28th January at Matthew Moss High School. Just under 100 eager students turned up to try out and join our teaching teams. The effort on the day was fantastic and we are very lucky to have so many talented and dedicated students who want to help in … Read more

Last Cadet Leader & Assistant Instructor Class of 2017

Huge thanks to all the Cadet Leaders and Assistant Instructor who have been such a massive help to us throughout 2017. You are a big part of our teaching team and over the years this system has produced many fantastic Instructors. Thank you to you all for your help and hard work all year and we … Read more

Cadet Leader Class and Grading to go ahead today

After looking at the current and predicted weather, we have decided to run Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Class from 11am-12.30pm at the Rochdale Grading from 1pm-3.30pm at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale. There is no further snowfall predicted in the area today. Please allow extra time for your journey and take care when … Read more

Cadet Leader Selections 2017 Results

Huge thank you to all the Cadet Leaders who tried out at our Cadet Leader Selections on Sunday 28th January. Congratulations to you all. You are a very important part of our Instructor team and really do provide excellent role models to our students. We hope you enjoy you role and helping our students and … Read more

Rochdale Grading Results: 26-6-2016

  We held a Club grading for the students training in our North Manchester and Lancashire classes on Sunday 26th June. The grading followed another busy and successful Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor class with plenty of exhausted students leaving as another fresh-faced batch of grading candidates arrived for a tough afternoon session. Thanks to … Read more