Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Class

Cadet Leader class is a monthly training session for the future Instructors of our club. The class is completely free of charge for Cadet Leaders and offers them advanced tuition with Red Tiger’s leading Instructors.

It offers young students the opportunity to train with other gifted and talented juniors in a more focused environment. We cover much more than you would get to do in your regular class and we split into small groups allowing the Instructors to work with the students on improving all areas of their karate.

The next Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor classes are:



The next Combined Senior Class for Trainee’s and Assistant Instructors is:



If you are unable to make the class please let your Instructor know. If you are an existing cadet and have been put forward for grading in the afternoon session, you may be excused from training in Cadet Leader class.

If your child is interested in becoming a Cadet Leader please have a chat with your Instructor as from time to time, we have vacancies. Cadet Leaders are selected annually by their Class Instructor and must attend the selection class  for approval by the Chief Instructor.

Cadet Leaders & Assistants Combined Class

All Assistant Instructors and Trainee Assistant Instructors are invited to train at Cadet Class which is an exciting new change and will improve the standard and structure of the class overall.

This will give our Assistants the chance to improve both their own karate and their fitness levels. It will also offer them the opportunity to improve their teaching skills.

Many of our Assistants have either come through the Cadet Leader program or they already bring their children to cadet class to train. Now you can join in too!

Our combined senior class will continue to run on a monthly basis, so you will be able to train twice a month rather than once a month with the senior grades.

We are currently looking for new adult Assistant Instructors and Trainee Instructors to join our Instructor team. If you are currently graded to 6th Kyu green belt or above and are interested in helping out in classes please contact Sensei Rachael and you never know, you could become part of our talented and friendly team. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Assistant Instructors 2020:

Gary Mahood

Debbie Carter

Linda Whipp

Stuart Holden

Scott Whalley

Courteney Alty

Brendan Conyard

Coral Gavaghan

Isaac Jepson

Mark Ellicott

Ron Matthews

Niamh Lysaght

Olivia Prince

Amy O’Donovan

Simon Mattinson

Lydia Coreltt

Amy Rothwell

Grace Baron

Michelle Roose

Louis Johnson

Mark Jepson

Zena Clarke

Anne-Marie Alger

Benjamin Wegg

Paul Evans

Sarah Evans

Joseph Shakos

Caitlan Moss


Cadet Leaders 2020:

Molly Austin-Hogsden

Ellis Pindoria-Stott

Georgie Dyal

Izzy Baron

Megan Fu

Maisie Fu

Thomas Whipp

Joshua Mangnall

Joseph Corlett

Zach Carter

Harrison Bent

Christopher Lysaght

Zak Wegg

Charlotte Griffiths

Samuel Shakos

Aaron Jefferson

Isaac Whittaker

Layla Davies

Jack Yates

Clarissa Lyons

Hannah Holden

John Riley

Olivia Fagan

Jonty Johnson

Mickey Dempsey

Kyle Girault

Lola Girault

William Hanlon

William Cristoforo

Adam Bennett

Jaime Pratley

Hirra Ahmad

Aemelia Young

Ella Young

Callula Curtis

Josiah Curtis

Ellen Conyard

Matthew Affleck

Liam Dolan

Ava Staton

Kai Foley

Tiarnan Walsh

Ivy Evans

Oliver Whittaker

Lauren Dew-Parry

Mia Glynn

Kyla Bailey

Joshua Poynton

Alex Ryan

Zak Gould

Ethan Fong

Benjamin Winstanley

Dexter Earley

James Sherlock

Jayden Clarke

Benjamin Finney

James Rigby

McKenzie Lamont

Charlie Eyre

Joel Purvis

Noah Purvis

John Oliver

Callum Baker

William Towler

Loui D’Attorre

Zoe Chaffer

Danika Wood

Connor Goodall