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Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Class

Thank you to all of the Cadet Leaders and Assistant Instructors who made it to our rescheduled class on Sunday 1st March.

The turnout was superb and we hope you had a very enjoyable class.

The Cadet Leaders trained superbly under the watchful eyes of our JKS England Kata Champion Grace Baron 2nd Dan Black Belt, JKS World Kumite Champion Molly Austin- Hogsden 2nd Dan Black Belt and myself. Thank you both for your time and effort, for planning fab sections and making it thoroughly enjoyable for our future champions! I’m sure our Cadets left the session feeling inspired and motivated to improve.

The Assistant Instructors looked like they had plenty of fun with Mike Beckwith Sensei and Teresa Withington Sensei who was helping out for the very first time.

Great work everyone!

The next Cadet Leaders and Assistant Instructors is Sunday the 17th May. I have asked JKS World Kata Champion Louis Johnson 2nd Dan Black Belt and Matthew Affleck 2nd Dan Black Belt, JKS England Squad member, RTK Champ and former Student of the Year to help me teach the youngsters at this event. It’s going to be another fab one so get the date in the diary and don’t miss out.

Paul Towler once again kindly took images at yesterdays event and has already processed them.

They look awesome and thank you for your hard work!

Feel free to download and share them.



Below is a small selection of images, you can see we had lots of fun kicking and punching each other!