Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Class and Photos

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the Cadet Leaders and Assistant Instructors who got out of bed early and turned up for training on Sunday morning. The attendance is growing and standard is just getting better and better. Thanks to the Instructors who taught sections.

A huge thank you to all the students who wanted to have their photos taken by Professional Photographer Mike Baron Sensei and please accept our sincere apologies that we did not make it through everyone on the list. We were overwhelmed by your support and you managed to raise £295 for our Squad Members to attend National Competitions. Thank You Very Much!

Mike Baron Sensei will be processing the pictures as quickly as possible and we will send you the JPEGS out via email over the next few days.

As mention yesterday, we will be setting everything up again next month on Sunday 13th March and will photograph the following students:

  • Molly Austin Hogsden
  • Jacob Kirk
  • Olivia Fagan
  • Ava Nicholson
  • Daniel Hartley
  • Lee and Ella Rylance
  • Catherine and Louis Johnson
  • Bernadette, Happy Greg and Phill Burton
  • Tristan Binney
  • Freyja Lundin
  • Jasmine Johnston
  • Dean and Joshua Knox
  • Rosie Morriss
  • Abby Fielding
  • Su and Reese Matthews
  • Ben Kirkman

If you are a Cadet Leader and would like to have professional photos taken at this event please contact Sensei Rachael via the contact form and I will add you to the list.

May we just say a last big thank you to both Mike and Michelle Baron, it was very kind of you both to give up your time and use your expertise to do this for everyone and the money you have raised is greatly appreciated by the squad members. We look forward to seeing a deluge of Vanilla Pod professional karate photos on facebook/twitter/instagram over the next few weeks or so!