Cadet & Assistant Class and Bolton Grading Rescheduled


Following yesterday’s postponed events, we have secured the following new dates at:

St Catherine Academy,

Newby Road,




Cadet Leader and Assistant Instructor Class

Date – Sunday 1st March

Time – 11.30am-1.00pm


Bolton Grading

Date – Sunday 8th March

Times –

11.30am-1.00pm for White Belt beginners attempting their first grade of Orange Belt


1.30pm-3.30pm for students attempting the grade of Red Belt and above

****Students who should have graded on the 9th February will have 4 classes marked in their new cards towards their next grading.****


Please confirm with your Class Instructor that you can make this new date and we are so sorry for having to cancel yesterday’s events.

Sections of the M61 and M66 both ended up being closed so it really was the correct decision but we appreciate we have plenty of disappointed students.


Classes should be back to normal tonight but please keep your eye on the website and facebook group page (Red Tiger Karate) if there are any further changes in the weather and we will inform you ASAP of any closures. Thank you all for your understanding.