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Brown and Black Belt Course and photograph link

Huge thank you to all the students who attended our Brown and Black Belt Courses last Sunday.

We hope you enjoyed the new format of splitting the courses which allows us to focus on what each grade group needs.

The brown belts were working on Kata junro shodan and broke it down into great detail. They also worked on 1st Kyu to shodan combinations and kumite.

The black belts worked on kihon drills to improve kibadachi and hip rotation. They also covered Kata junro yondan and plenty of kumite drills. We worked on distance and footwork drills followed by jiyu kumite.

Everybody worked really hard and looked like they really enjoyed themselves,

Paul Towler kindly took photos at both courses and has captured some fab action shots.

Huge thank you Paul, it is much appreciated.

Here is the link:

Password: bolton19