Class News

Brilliant effort at the Kyu Grades Course


We would like to thank everyone who turned up on Bank Holiday Weekend and trained hard at our first Kyu Grades course at the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester!

It turned out to be a big success and we were very impressed by the standard and enthusiasm of our lower grades. Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and I spend much of our week teaching Black Belts so it was wonderful to see so many lower grades showing such great potential! You are our next Black Belts!

The students did some fitness drills and had some fun in the warm up, then we worked on Heian Katas and Tekki Shodan, moved along to footwork and kumite drills and ended the course with a throw and a takedown. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun!

Huge thank you to Sensei Callum Miles, Sensei Bernie Burton and Assistant Instructor Connor Cherry who gave up their time and helped us with teaching on the day.

We gave a few certificates out so congratulations if you were one of the lucky recipients.

It was a very enjoyable course and we are looking at booking dates for another one later on in the year. Thanks again, without your support, we can’t run events like this!