Bolton Grading: Sunday 23rd June 2019

We would like to congratulate all of the students who took part in our Club Grading at Thornleigh Salesian High School in Bolton last Sunday. It was a very busy grading on a humid day, with lots of students eager to impress the Instructors and earn their first or next belts.

It was a fairly young group of students and a lot were coming to grading for the first ever time. After a very nervous start, the students soon settled in and began to relax and show us what they have been learning in their classes. They were all fantastic!

The white belts attempting orange belt were all super and should be really proud of themselves. The first grade really is the hardest to get because you have no idea what to expect. Every single student tried the best the could and that is all we can ask for. Well done.

Nineteen students were returning for the 2nd time attempting their Red Belts and they were all super, especially the group from Bolton and Helen Sensei’s students from Whitefield. The class is clearly making excellent progress The whole group worked really hard and all were successful – well done.

There were also plenty of students attempting their yellow and green belts and we were so impressed. The group attempting green belt were among the best we have seen in a long time. They all knew their katas, combinations and kumite drills and we were really happy with the standard of them all. Congratulations to Linda and Michelle from Haslingden and Robert Harrsion from Chesham. They stood out for all the right reasons!

Logan Hill-Critchley put in such a stellar performance that he was chosen out of everyone to be student of the grading. This young man is absolutely marvellous and has a very bright future indeed. Good work Logan and Emma Sensei!

The five students attempting their purple belts were also very good. Well done to Isabella, Annabella, Kyla, Emily and Ben for your awesome performance at grading.

The group attempting purple and white belt were equally amazing and couldn’t have worked harder. Well done to Stuart and Hannah Holden and also Holly Kendall. We had no complaints whatsoever and you are all turning into fantastic karateka. Well done and keep up the great work.

We had 4 students attempting their 2nd Kyu Brown Belt and 5 students attempting their 1st Kyu’s. We are pleased to report that all were successful this time around and we look forward to seeing them again in the near future to attempt either 1st Kyu’s or BLACK BELTS!

2nd Kyu

Bradley Kendall – Bradley had everything to prove on Sunday as he has the odd tendancy to fart about in class. Thankfully he was absolutely ON IT on Sunday. He brought his A game, was completely focused and smashed his grading. Now we know how good you can train when you are 100% focussed we will expect to see this every week at ALL of the classes you attend. Great work and well done.

Jo Woodman – It was great to see the Hammer back in action as it has been a while since she last graded. Jo is an absolute powerhouse and we don’t call her the hammer for nothing. She is always solid and awesome when it comes to kumite. She proved on Sunday just how far she has progressed in terms of kihon, kata and technique too. A bit of work on control wouldn’t go a miss though. Congratulations missus and keep up the good work.

Lewis Horsfield – A fantastic performance from an absolutely lovely young man. Lewis has improved tons since he had to have some time out due to injury. He’s come back, more determined and better than ever. Lewis was fantastic on Sunday and is making great progress towards his Black Belt. Keep up up the wonderful work young man.

Matthew Harrington – What a hard worker Matthew is. He is super shy and isn’t very confident but has been plugging away at his karate for many years and his hard work was rewarded on Sunday with his 2nd Kyu. There is clearly some things still to work on but Matthew has made tremendous progress and should be very proud of his achievements and being brave enough to perform in front of such a large group of people. Well done.


1st Kyu

Imaan Fatima – Imaan and her cousin Aadam are two of our longest serving members here at Red Tiger. Imaan is really starting to reach her potential now and has stepped out of her comfort zone by training on Fridays with Paul Sensei and she’s improved massively! Her performance at the grading was the best we have ever seen her and she was really focussed on getting her 1st Kyu. Great work missus and keep it up, it won’t be long before you are going for your black belt.

Aadam Raja – As we said earlier, Aadam has been training with us on and off for many years. He started at a very young age and has had a few interruptions because of serious illness/injury. Aadam came to the grading to retake Kata and Kumite but trained in the basics too for some practise. He has really improved and got all of his katas right. His Jiyu ippon was much improved and considering everything Aadam has been through, he is one of the most inspirational students we have at Red Tiger. He’s so committed and such a determined young man who lets nothing get in the way of what he wants to do. I am really looking forward to seeing you do your Black Belt. You amaze us everytime! Well done.

Amy O’ Donovan – Amy has always been a very promising student with a natural flair for karate right from the start. As she approaches her black belt, she just excels in all areas of her karate no matter what – kihon, kata, kumite; Amy can do it all to a very high standard and it looks effortless. I am a massive fan of Amy’s karate and cannot wait to watch her do her Black Belt and help her to get ready for it. She’s simply brilliant. Well done, I am sure your Dad is super proud of both you and Lilly. What a pair of superstars.

Demi McDonagh – Demi is another student with extraordinary potential. We always knew she had something special and she has tranformed into just that. A very special student indeed. Her Katas are beautiful and her kumite is fierce. Her kicks are outstanding and she always puts in 100% effort. She put in so much effort at the grading she fainted! Demi was determined to carry on and get the job done. A VERY well deserved 1st Kyu, well done Demi and all your Sensei’s. Great work indeed.

Kirsten Wood – Well this was a completely different Kirsten than we have ever seen before. In the past she has always been shy, lacking in confidence and coming across a little timid. Not this time around, she is really shaping up to be a fantastic Black belt. Her confidence was there and she showed off her karate beautifully. There were no mistakes from Kirsten, she was absolutely focused on getting her 1st Kyu and nothing was going to stop her. She was brave in the kumite and really battled on, even when it would have been easier to give up. Great job Kirsten. a 1st Kyu hard earned and VERY well deserved!


Lastly, we must say a huge thanks to the parents and supporters who gave up their afternoon to support this event and also the Instructors who all do a fab job in preparing their students and supporting us on the day. Without everyone’s effort we would have no club. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.