Bolton Grading Results – Sunday 20th October

We would like to congratulate all of the students who took part in our Club Grading at Thornleigh Salesian High School in Bolton last Sunday. It was a very busy grading, with lots of students eager to impress the Instructors and earn their first or next belts.

It was a fairly young group of students and a lot were coming to grading for the first ever time. After a very nervous start, the students soon settled in and began to relax and show us what they have been learning in their classes. They were all fantastic!

The white belts attempting orange belt were all super and should be really proud of themselves. The first grade really is the hardest to get because you have no idea what to expect. Every single student tried the best the could and that is all we can ask for. Well done.

Thirteen students were returning for the 2nd time attempting their Red Belts and they were all super. The whole group worked really hard and all were successful – well done.

There were also plenty of students attempting their yellow and green belts and we were so impressed. The group attempting green belt were among the best we have seen in a long time. They all knew their katas, combinations and kumite drills and we were really happy with the standard of them all. Congratulations to Loui D’ Attorre who stood out for all the right reasons and was double graded from yellow to purple belt! His performance was deemed outstanding and he was well worthy of the hefty jump to 5th Kyu. Keep up the awesome work young man.

The seven students attempting their purple belts were also very good. Well done to Jack Yates and Clarrissa Lyons from the Holcombe Brook dojo, you were both superb as were Holly Percival, Katie Stewart, Kiren Bisset and Connor and Jake Westerman. This is the point people reach and then start dropping off. You all showed great potential and must keep going, you all have what it takes to be excellent black belts.

The group attempting purple and white belt were equally amazing and couldn’t have worked harder. Well done to Harris Beeston, Hanna and Zahra Taimoor, John Oliver, Kyla Bailey, Orlagh Conway, Ewan McMillan and Mehak Raza. We had no complaints whatsoever and you are all turning into fantastic karateka. Well done and keep up the great work.

We had 4 students attempting their 3rd Kyu Brown Belt, 2 students attempting their 2nd Kyu and 2 students attempting their 1st Kyu. We are pleased to report that all were successful this time around and we look forward to seeing them again in the near future to attempt their next level or BLACK BELTS!


3rd Kyu Brown Belt –

Noah Purvis –  Fantastic performance by a very much improved student. We were blown away by the transformation in Noah’s karate. He was really determined to get his brown belt and thoroughly deserved it. Noah has been training for many years and is shaping up to a fantastic black belt. Well done.

Jane Gregson – Another strong performance by Jane who is always impressive. We always look forward to seeing the progression she has made and her grading was nothing short of excellent. Her Katas in particular were really good and she never disappoints. Keep up the great work Jane.

Aemelia Young and Ella Young -These two sisters are karate GOLD! I’m sure for the Instructors who get to teach them it is a real pleasure. Both are hard working, naturally gifted and calm under pressure. Their performances at grading were outstanding, no weak areas, just solid and strong karate. The future is very bright for Ella and Aemelia, they will both be dynamite Black Belts, I have no doubt whatsoever. Keep up the fantastic work girls. You’re both amazing!


2nd Kyu

Liam Conway – What a fantastic karate-ka Liam is. His kumite was very impressive and his performance all round was to a good standard. He has clearly been working hard to improve this fundamentals of his karate is progressing brilliantly. He should definitely grow in confidence from this performance because there really was plenty to be proud of.  Congratulations young man and keep it the great work.

Courtney Newsham – Courtney has all the ability in the World to be fantastic at karate. She has bags of talent and enthusiasm and has more recently been making an effort to tidy everything up. We were really impressed with the heart and resilience she showed on the grading day and she should be really pleased with her performance. She just needs to start believing in herself a little more and she will be awesome.


1st Kyu

Jaime Padron Sensei – Very strong performance from a highly valued member of our Instructor team. Jaime Sensei relished the opportunity to grade alongside the regular students of the Club. He set an excellent example from start to finish and has reached a really high standard in a relatively short space of time. His combinations were well practised and his Katas were sharp and dynamic. His kumite was strong and he really got stuck in and showed that he could look after himself should he ever need to. Jaime Sensei is shaping up to be one of our top candidates for the next Dan grading. Well done.

Joel Purvis– This young man has been a very patient and committed student over the years. His perseverance has paid off and he showed that he has acquired an excellent skill set over the years. I particularly enjoyed watching him spar, he was putting together combinations and moving in and out of range with ease. We have seen tremendous progress in Joel’s karate and are excited to see how good he will be when he attempts Shodan. Well done.

Lastly, we must say a huge thanks to the parents and supporters who gave up their afternoon to support this event and also the Instructors who all do a fab job in preparing their students and supporting us on the day. Thanks also to Adam Bennett who trained hard and set a fab example. Without everyone’s effort we would have no club. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Paul Towler also kindly gave up his time to take photo’s at cadet class and at the grading and you can view and download these now by clicking the link below:



Huge thanks to Paul, your efforts are much appreciated.