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Bolton Grading Results: Sunday 17th February

This was our first Club grading following the Christmas and New Year break and what a way to start the year!

In case you missed it, one of our photographers Paul Towler was on hand to capture all the action from the higher grades. You can view the photos by clicking the link below:

Password: Feb19

So many eager new students had been put forward by their Instructors that we had to split the grading into two groups – white belts going to orange belt and then all other students attempting grades up to 1st Kyu.

There were some outstanding performances and the day ran very smoothly with the help of our fab Instructor team and the ever reliable and totally professional Mike Beckwith Sensei and Leesa Beckwith Sensei!

By all accounts the white belts were fantastic and really impressed Mike Sensei. There were some fab newbies from Leesa Sensei’s newly opened Holcombe Brook Dojo plus an exceptional performance from Holcombe Brook Wednesday student Eiman Flitcroft who not only went home with her belt and certificate but also took home the Student of the Grading trophy. Huge well done!

Big thanks to Mike and Leesa Sensei and all the Instructors who helped them run a fab grading upstairs.

Downstairs we had the pleasure of the (always) grumpy Paul Wolstencroft Sensei who began the afternoon looking for plenty to moan about and thankfully had nothing to complain about by the end! All of the students worked their socks off and were well worthy of their next grades.

There were some really fantastic performances from the lower grades and Paul Sensei commented on the red belts going to yellow in particular being the best group that had ever been produced. Well done to these students and their Instructors! Stand outs included Clarissa Lyons, Sophie and Aimee Rothwell Loui D’ Attorre, Linda Whipp, Michelle Roose, Juhela, Jannah and Sahibah Haque and Niyoh Alom!

Our new green and purple belts also worked really hard and showed off some great talent! Keep up the good work.

We had a fab group of students attempting purple and white belt including the totally adorable but mega-tough Young sisters from Clifton who are both really talented and have improved immeasurably. It was close between them but Ella was awarded Student of the Grading this time around for her outstanding effort and impressive standard. Keep up the fab work though Aemelia because you have all the talent to win it next time around! Megan Fu and Charlotte Mottershead were also brilliant and are future superstars. We have sooooo many great girls in this Club it is awesome to see. Girls are taking over!

We had a couple of students earn their Brown Belts Kelly Dawson and Evie Gregory both of whom worked extremely hard from start to finish and well worthy of their grades. Kelly is a very dedicated student and has improved tremendously between 4th and 3rd Kyu and Evie absolutely smashed this grading at her 2nd attempt and had clearly worked hard on what she had been asked to do. Well done to you both.

We had three new 2nd Kyu’s all from the same family – Team Evans. Sarah, Poppy and Luke were all brilliant and always work hard every time they train. Their standard is high, as are our expectations that they will do well and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Poppy was particularly impressive in the Kumite section. Sarah has improved her katas, combinations and jiyu ippon and Luke is making great progress towards his Black Belt. Fantastic job, well done.

Graham Jenkins and William Towler were the two students who attempted the grade of 1st Kyu. Both worked tirelessly from start to finish and are looking extremely good as they approach their Black belt. William always gives you 100% effort in class and was so eager to impress at the grading. Impress he did, there are no weak areas in Williams karate, he is a superstar and we look forward to seeing him attempt Black Belt, if he keeps up the fab work, he will smash it! Graham has made excellent progress between 2nd and 1st Kyu and has been training for many years. His karate is really strong and he has done a great job of tidying up his Katas and improving his combinations. Fantastic performance from you both, leading from the front and setting the standard for others to follow. Well done.