Bolton Grading Results: 1st December 2019

We would like to congratulate all of the students who took part in our Club Grading at Thornleigh Salesian High School in Bolton last Sunday. It was a very busy grading, with lots of students eager to impress the Instructors and earn their first or next belts.

The grading was extremely busy and was due to take place in the Sports Hall but due to there being no heating, we made the decision to keep it in the gymnasium where we’d all be more comfortable. Apologies about the lack of space and lack of seating for parents. We have already found a larger venue in Bolton for next years gradings that is heated and will have plenty of space for students to perform at their best and parents will all be able to watch on seating! Sorry again.

It was a fairly young group of students and a lot were coming to grading for the first ever time. After a very nervous start, the students soon settled in and began to relax and show us what they have been learning in their classes. They were all fantastic!

The white belts attempting orange belt were all super and should be really proud of themselves. The first grade really is the hardest to get because you have no idea what to expect. Every single student tried the best the could and that is all we can ask for. Well done. The adults were excellent and James Baker from the Darwen Dojo’d double graded from white to red belt which is a great achievement. Well done.

Sixteen students were returning for the 2nd time attempting their Red Belts and they were all super. The whole group worked really hard and all were successful. James Rigby and McKenzie Lamont from the Tottington dojo’s were bother really impressive and are making tremendous progress.

There were also plenty of students attempting their yellow and green belts and we were so impressed. They all knew their katas, combinations and kumite drills and we were really happy with the standard of everyone. The group from Helen Finney Sensei’s Haslingden class in particular were excellent and are all making great progress. The were also some future superstars from the Little Lever classes and we are excited about how good this group of students will be in the future! There were a couple of adults who were also excellent including Ralph D’Attorre who always works hard and Jonny Critchley from Emma and Daryl Sensei’s classes who graded from red to green belt. Keep up the awesome work.

The four students attempting their purple belts were also very good. Well done to Michelle Roose who is growing in confidence, Adam Cooper who tries really hard and the excellent Rothwell Sisters; Aimee and Sophie, who are always superb. This is the point people reach and then start dropping off. You all showed great potential and must keep going, you all have what it takes to be excellent black belts.

The group attempting purple and white belt were equally amazing and couldn’t have worked harder. Well done to Kainat Raza abd Hashim Khan from the Blackburn dojo, Ben Nicholson from the Darwen dojo and Zacharias Carter from the Chesham dojo who put his best efforts in on the day. We had no complaints whatsoever and you are all turning into fantastic karateka. Well done and keep up the great work.

We had 4 students attempting their 3rd Kyu Brown Belt, 7 students attempting their 2nd Kyu and 5 students attempting their 1st Kyu. We are pleased to report that all were successful this time around and we look forward to seeing them again in the near future to attempt their next level or BLACK BELTS!


3rd Kyu Brown Belt 

Anthony Cristoforo – Excellent performance from Anthony who is a strong all round` karateka. Anthony’s karate is very tidy and we always expect a good standard and he never disappoints. He’s making great progress and we look forward to seeing again soon for his 2nd Kyu.

Hannah and Stuart Holden – Awesome karate as always from Stuart and Hannah. They have earned their brown belts pretty quickly and are very dedicated and eager to learn. Hannah in particular has made exceptional progress between 4th and 3rd Kyu and as always, Stuart tried really hard. Great work guys, keep it up.

Ayaan Ishaq – Ayaan is such a strong and determined young karateka with a bright future. His kumite in particular is impressive and he has been working hard to improve his katas and combinations. He’s made good progress between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu and should continue this effort and concentration in order to keep improving.


2nd Kyu 

Grant Pritchard – Great grading by a great student. We have come to expect that Grant is going to give every ounce of effort that he has and he certainly didn’t disappoint. Sharp, dynamic and strong performance from Grant. He is super enthusiastic and always gives us his best. Well done.

Jamie Ingham – Jamie has really improved a lot since we saw him last. His katas were sharp and tidy and his combinations were much improved. Fantastic grading from a thoroughly nice bloke. Great kumite at the end too! Boom!

Thomas Dolan – This is the best version of Thomas we have ever seen at grading. He has improved absolutely loads and grown in confidence. We were really impressed with his performance which was strong in all areas. Keep up the fab work. I’m sure Mum and Dad are very proud!

Kelly Dawson – Kelly is always one of the hardest workers at gradings and events. She is bright red after the warm up because she tries so hard. Her consistent effort has paid off and she put in an excellent perfromace at grading. Very calm and composed, much improved and we were really impressed. Well done Kelly, keep it up.

Adam, Harry and Mark Murphy – It has been a while since we last saw the Murphy family and grading and so it’s fair to say they had plenty to prove having been given this opportunity. They did brilliantly, all three tried really hard and have really improved. Mark sets a fab example to his boys and gives it 100% and both Harry and Adam did much better than we have seen them in the past. They concentrated and were focused and showed us they deserved to be 2nd Kyu’s. Great work Team Murphy! Well done to you all.


1st Kyu

Luke, Poppy and Sarah Evans – Wow, what a team, what a day. All three Evans’s were fantastic. So sharp, so focused, so determined to get their final kyu grade before Black Belt. Amazing. Sarah and Poppy are always consistently impressive but it was Luke who stole the show and earned himself a nice (not so) little Student of the Grading trophy. Paul Sensei couldn’t believe how well he coped with the pressure of grading and how awesome his karate was on the day. Poppy and Sarah of course were outstanding too and all three will make great Black Belts in the near future I am sure! 1 more to go…………..

Liam Dolan – This lad was magnificent. Liam has totally transformed his karate from average to excellent in such a short space of time. We couldn’t have asked for more out of him, he gave it everything he had. The concentration and determination from start to finish was there for all to see. He was 100% going home with that 1st Kyu and there wasn’t anything going to stop him. I love it. Great performance Liam, same again next time please! Well done.

William Cristoforo – What an awesome student William is. He’s an absolute dream to teach. So focussed, so talented, so hard working, he’s going to be really special. Throughout the grading he was a stand out and always is. I can’t wait to see how impressive he will be when he goes for Black Belt, so remember this names folks, William is a superstar! Well done.

Lastly, we must say a huge thanks to the parents and supporters who gave up their afternoon to support this event and also the Instructors who all do a fab job in preparing their students and supporting us on the day. Thanks also to Tina who helped all day with admin. Without everyone’s combined efforts we would have no club. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.