Bolton Grading Results: 15th September 2019

An excellent grading followed a very busy Cadet leader and Assistant Instructor class last Sunday at Thornleigh High School in Bolton.

We had lots of people attempting the first full grade of orange belt and returning for the 2nd time to attempt red belt. The standard overall was good and the students worked very hard throughout the grading.

We hope all of our new orange belts enjoyed their first grading. Jack and Ethan Warburton from Holcombe Brook class successfully attempted their Red belts and were noticed by Paul Sensei for their very high standard. Well done to everyone!

Benjamin Wegg from the Whitefield and Tottington classes was double graded from white straight to red belt. He is doing brilliantly. Congratulations.

We had a fine group going to yellow belt including Luke Wilson and Katie Wilson who are both awesome, Sophie Lever, Patrick Yip, Rebecca Jepson, Harry and Edward Smyth and Lauren Dew-Parry. Keep up the great work everyone, you were fab.

There was two exceptionally good young ladies going to green belt; Isobel Robertson from the Bury class and Grace Wilson from Handforth. These two are certainly names to remember, both are future Black belts without doubt.

We had Dad and Son Jonathan and Nathan Dabbs from Handforth grading to purple belt and both once again were really impressive. Keep up the great work, you are making fantastic progress.

Four students were awarded some hard earned purple and white belts; Luke Bradshaw-Swann, Callum Baker, Noah Cubbin and Tom Berrisford. All four were pushed really hard by the Instructor team from start to finish. Noah and Tom both gave it 100% effort and Callum showed some great heart and a really high standard. We were all impressed. It was Luke Bradshaw Swann in the end who earned the student of the grading trophy for his outstanding talent, excellent work ethic and great attitude. Well done boys!

We had two young ladies successfully attempting their brown belts – Amelia Hancock who trains with Sensei Brandon and Ava Staton going for her 3rd Brown Belt who trains at the Stonclough dojo with Sesnei Emma, Sensei Callum and Sensei Daryl.

Amelia has been training with us for many years and has clearly been working hard. She’s made good progress between 4th Kyu and 3rd Kyu and shaping up to be a very fine black belt indeed. Well done missus and keep up the great work.

Ava Staton is always a really top student. She always tries to better herself and has improved so much between 2nd and 1st Kyu. Her Katas are really impressive and she looked calm and confident in her kumite. She works really hard and has a great attitude and we can see that she has everything it takes to go all the way. Well done on your hard earned 1st Kyu. Next one is black belt.

As always, we must thank all of the parents and supporters who enable the students to progress and keep them motivated week after week. Karate is such a worthwhile activity for children especially. I hope you can see the worth in it as all the students who graded were impeccably behaved and showed fantastic effort. The fitness, strength and stamina required gets more intense as you progress through the grades and some of these kids we have reaching the higher level are really special and talented. You must keep them with us and we will turn them into karate machines!

Thanks also to the Instructors who do such a fantastic job of teaching the students and guiding them to their first/next level. Thanks also for helping us conduct the grading and those who taught sections and especially Sensei Karen who was a really big help with the admin and baby Spencer duties! We couldn’t do it without our fab team!