Bernadette Burton – New Assistant Instructor – Congratulations!!!!

Bernadette Burton voluntarily helps out every week at Nicola Sensei’s Radcliffe Dojo and has been working hard on the Assistant Instructor programme. Bernie is a lovely lady who is always reliable, encouraging and does the very best she can every time she trains.

She finally built up the courage and confidence to take the examination and we are delighted to report that she passed at her first attempt – with flying colours. We have heard fantastic things about how well her assessment class was run and we are so pleased to be able to add Bernie to our rapidly expanding team.

Huge congratulations from all of us at Red Tiger and welcome to the team!


Nicola Holland Sensei conducted her very first exam as an assessor and she was very impressed by Bernie’s performance and made the following comments:

“Bernie has been working with me in our Radcliffe class (one of the largest dojo’s in the Club) for a long time now. She is a brilliant Assistant and is competent and capable when teaching anything I ask her to. All the students love Bernie and were very well behaved throughout the assessment.”

“She was very nervous at first and was also losing her voice on the night which made things a little harder, but she pushed through it and began to relax.”

“Bernie had a detailed and organised class plan which was followed from start to finish. She ran a very well controlled and disciplined class and thankfully, became more confident as the class went on. As she relaxed, she was making the students laugh and kept the class atmosphere. She still maintained the disciplined environment and made sure she gave praise, encouragement and feedback throughout. This is exactly what I wanted to see.”

“Bernie ran an extremely good Kata section. There were clear demonstrations with good use of cadet leaders and she continued to emphasise the main points on how to make your kata as good as possible. Bernie scored very highly in all of the sections, which shows she takes on board all the feedback that has been given. Fantastic stuff!”

“I was very impressed with her time keeping, she managed to fit all the sections in with no trouble and even had time for a game at the end.”

“Overall, Bernie ran a  very well planned and executed class. Thank you to Cadet Leaders Greg & Phill for being a big help to their Mum on the day and also to Helen Dolan who was a fab Trainee Assistant throughout. Bernie is a well liked member of Red Tiger Karate and is always there to offer kind words, support and encouragement to everyone. She will one day make a fantastic Instructor. Congratulations Bernie.”


More examinations are coming up over the next few months so good luck to all of our nervous Assistants as they try and emulate Bernie’s success.

Huge thanks to Nicola Holland Sensei for not only working with Bernie and making her a superstar Assistant Instructor, but also for conducting her assessment.

Lastly, we must that mention another former Assistant-turned Instructor is beginning to teach in his very own class this evening. Steve Tipton Sensei starts his Leigh Class tonight with the help of his gorgeous girls Annalea and Georgia. I’m sure they will all be fantastic and run a great class. Good luck and above all, enjoy yourselves. There is nothing better than passing on your enthusiasm and knowledge about what you love onto some brand new beginners!