Brown & Black Belt Courses

B & B Course was great fun!

Big thanks to everyone who attended our Brown and Black Belt Course yesterday at the National Taekwondo Centre.

Your attendance and effort is much appreciated.


The turnout was fantastic and everyone worked hard. We covered Dan Grading Combinations, Fitness drills, Kata Bassai Dai, Kata Unsu, Kicking and Kumite drills. We managed to squeeze a lot into the two hours so well done to you all.

Some also got the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Adalind Florence Brady – Emma Sensei and Daryl Sensei perfect little newborn baby girl.

Huge congratulations guys 🙂 and Emma Sensei you are looking fantastic!

Paul Towler kindly took some great photographs of the event and these can be viewed by clicking the link below:


Password: man19

Thank you so much, these are fab!