Awesome JKS Summer Course and 2 New Black Belts

The JKS Summer Course was held over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July and it was another thoroughly enjoyable and successful event.

Guest Instructors: included Jan Spaztek Sensei 8th Dan and Head of JKS Denmark, Matt Stockham Sensei 5th Dan and Head of JKS Wales and Alan Campbell Sensei 7th Dan and Head of JKS England.

Paul Sensei and Mike Sensei travelled down and trained both days and really enjoyed the training. Callum Miles Sensei, John Dolan Sensei, Gary Pratley Sensei, Jo Sysum Sensei, Mark Ellicott, Hannah Ormiston and Andy Matanle trained on the Sunday with Jo Sensei, Mark and Hannah taking part in the Dan grading that followed.

We are delighted to report that both Mark and Jo Sensei successfully passed their Shodan and Hannah passed both her combinations and kumite sections. She will need to redo her Kata and is determined to come back much improved.

Huge congratulations to both Mark and Jo who have both been training our club for many years. Both started under the BRILLIANT Nicola Holland Sensei who is responsible for inspiring a whole host of great Instructors and Black Belts throughout her 10 years of teaching with us. Her support for her former students never waivers and she also gave up her day to come and support both Mark and Jo through their single biggest karate challenge to date. It meant a lot to everyone that Nic Sensei was there!

They both did so well in the kihon section, especially Jo who has been fighting the cripplingly painful effects of plantar fasciatis all week. Next up was the kumite and they both absolutely went for it. They landed some good combinations and single strikes with excellent control and moved around with confidence. The Kata section was also impressive and both performed 3 strong Katas.

We were very proud of all three students we put forward because they gave it their very best shot on the day. Jo and Mark should wear their Black Belts with pride and Hannah knows she has everyone behind her to help her finish what she started. You can do it missus!

Huge thanks to all Dolans, the Pratleys, Sensei Jo’s family and Marks family for coming along to support them on their big day.

So it is a great start to the Dan grading week as we have a further 28 students and Instructors who will be attempting their next grades this Sunday at Matthew Moss High School.

Don’t forget there is a course beforehand that everyone is invited to train at 12pm-2pm. There are still places left on the course for those who would like to train with Alan Campbell Sensei 7th Dan, Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei 4th Dan. The course costs £15 per person.  Contact Sensei Rachael or your Instructor if you want to buy a ticket.