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Karate Classes can continue in Tier 3 areas/ 3 Class closures

We just want to reassure all of our members that we are able to continue our dojo lessons across the club.

We have implemented all the EKF guidelines and are strictly adhering to the rules. Adults and children can continue to train in the same sessions as long as we are keeping up all social distancing protocols. We are still exempt from the rule of 6.

Whilst the leisure centres and gyms can remain open in both Greater Manchester and Lancashire, we will stay open. I will open up places so that you can book for November, but please bear in mind that we are operating a fair cancellation policy. You can cancel and receive a refund or a ZOOM link as long as cancel your place on the app and give 24 hours notice via email to

If we cancel a class or end up closing due to Govt announcements, you are entitled to request a refund but as always we will be running a full ZOOM timetable every weeknight. Also, if you are asking for a refund please bear in mind, I need the email address you paid via paypal with.

Don’t use class closure as an excuse not to train especially if you are just self isolating from School. You will NOT improve your karate or stay fit sitting playing on minecraft or watching the Great British Bake Off etc. ZOOM classes count towards your gradings and are the next best alternative.

I am sure you will all agree that we are thriving at the face to face classes. It is fantastic to see our fellow karate-ka and we all work hard together! I feel far more motivated to train hard in the dojo than I do at home. Instructors are also better able to improve your standard in the dojo where we can see you and you can’t be lazy. This can only continue if we all abide by the rules and keep each other safe.

So, just a gentle reminder of some of the rules for everyone:

  1. Do not come to karate if you or anyone in your household is experiencing any COVID 19 symptoms. Stay at home and book a test. If you come to class unwell or have a temperature, you will be asked to go home anyway. Please do not put others at risk.
  2. It is important you try to stay in your allocated area.
  3. Social distancing to remain in place BEFORE, DURING and AFTER sessions.
  4. As we are now experiencing frequently wet weather. You need to change into some clean and dry shoes as you enter the dojo. Do not walk wet/dirty shoes across the dojo and then change them. We are at a far greater risk of slipping whilst training in shoes anyway. Be considerate, look after each other. Nobody wants to train in the wet slippy square!
  5. No shouting/necessary talking

Keep safe everyone!

Dojo’s closed/ Operating on ZOOM this week:

Whitefield Wednesday and Thursday will take place on ZOOM on Thursday evening with Helen Dolan Sensei from 6pm-7pm. Contact either or Helen Sensei for the ZOOM Link.

Standish Class closed this week. A ZOOM link with Emma Ginn Sensei from 7pm-8pm is available. Or you can request a refund instead to:

Elton High School Class is running on ZOOM with Sensei Paul/Rachael Wolstencroft from 6pm-7pm. Or you can request a refund instead to:

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The dojos listed above will be open as normal next week.



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