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April Black and Brown Belt Course a big success!

We’d like to thank every student and Instructor that attended our Black and Brown Course on Saturday 22nd April.

It was an overwhelming success with 120 students participating in total. We hope you all enjoyed training with us at the National Taekwondo Centre.

We worked on footwork and speed drills, fitness and explosive power training, Jiyu Ippon Kumite and Katas Empi and Junro Shodan.

There was even time for a quick game with the top two groups squaring off in the final – Our Instructors Vs the 1st and 2nd Dan Teenagers. After a little bit of cheating by the Instructors team, it was the students that came out on top! Well done!

All great fun and has set us up nicely for Round 2 at the Ultimate Training Weekend!!!!

The next B & B course is on Saturday the 17th June at the same venue (National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester) from 1pm-3pm.

We will be doing some Mock Gradings from 3pm-4pm for those eligible to grade for 1st Dan or 2nd Dan on Sunday 30th July.

Grading slips and information will be given out at this event.

1st Kyu Students and Shodan students will be invited to train at Senior Class from Monday 15th May giving them 10 lessons training together as a group in order to fully prepare themselves for the grading. Normal training fee applies for this extra training.  

Students who have properly taken advantage of the extra training on offer have faired better in the Dan grading than those who have not attended at all or dipped in and out.

Senior Class is held every Monday with the exception of Bank Holidays at Thonleigh Salesian Sports College, Sharples Park, Bolton. BL1 6PQ from 8pm-9.30pm.