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Another hugely enjoyable Ultimate Training Weekend!

We just want to say a big thank you to all the students and Instructors who took part in our last Ultimate Training Weekend.
85 students and Instructors trained for over 7 hours on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th October with the following guest Instructors:

  • Matt Price Sensei
  • Paul Newby Sensei
  • Steve Carless Sensei
  • Paul Wolstencroft Sensei

All of the Instructors taught fantastic sessions ranging from Kata Enpi, grappling, takedowns, submissions, wrestling, advanced kicking and point scoring drills, Kata Nijushiho, Kata Kakyoku Shodan and footwork drills. We even had time for some team games and basketball.
I think from the feedback we have had so far that it is fair to say that everybody thoroughly enjoyed the training and meeting the Instructors.
We all decide to part in the weekend because we all enjoy karate, however the training weekend is so much more than the karate. It is meeting and working with students from other classes, parents meeting one another and enjoying quality time together. Lasting friendships are made and we can all share great memories from what goes on both in and out of the dojo!
We cannot wait for the next one already! They just seem to get better and better.
Michelle Baron kindly gave up her time and took photographs of the karate on the day. Mike Sensei has speedily processed them and you are free to have a look and download any of the fantastic shots from vanilla pod photography she has captured. Thank you both so much.
Click on the link below and type in the password (lowercase): rtk
Congratulations to the following students who were awarded special Instructor awards:

  • Matt Price Sensei Award – Georgia Tipton
  • Paul Newby Sensei Award – Rob Head
  • Steve Carless Sensei Award – Zak Thomas Blackhurst
  • Paul Wolstencroft Sensei Award – Louis Standring

Huge thanks to everyone involved, especially our Instructors for supporting us and the guest Instructors for delivering very enjoyable sessions.
Look out for the next one, it’ll roll round before you know it!
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Georgia Tipton TrophyUTW_SEPT_2015_ 381
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