****Announcement**** RTK Kata Video’s available from Monday 6th April


Mike Baron Sensei and Grace Baron have been hard at work at their Vanilla Pod Studios and produced a series of Kata Videos to help students with their home kata study.

The first Kata video to be released in the series is Kata Heian Shodan and you can download the video right now; absolutely free of charge. Grace Baron is the current JKS Womens’ Kata Champ and a member or the English Karate Federation Elite Senior Kata Squad. Grace demonstrates the Kata very clearly and at a slow pace; making it super-easy for beginners to follow.

As you can see below – the Kata is shot from both the front and back so you’ll always be able to tell exactly what you should be doing with your arms and legs! They are so easy to follow and are just a few minutes long so with daily practise, you’ll soon be up to speed with the pattern of any Kata you choose to learn. Give’s us all something to do whilst we are waiting for the Corona to (cue your best Manchester accent) DO ONE!

Click the link below and you can download Heian Shodan free of charge:

LINK: https://vanillapod.smugmug.com/Redtiger/n-tc675/Heian-shodan/i-bhnzGJZ
PASSWORD : shodan

Grace and Mike Sensei are hard at work filming the following Katas which will be available to purchase from Monday onward:

  • Heain Nidan
  • Heian Sandan
  • Heain Yondan
  • Heain Godan
  • Tekki Shodan
  • Bassai Dai
  • Kanku Dai

To purchase any video from the series above, all you need to do is send an email to info@redtigerkarateclub.co.uk and request which Kata video you’d like to buy. These will cost just £3.50 each.

This can be paid for by BACS and then I will send you the link.

Big thank you to Mike Sensei and Grace for doing this for us at such an affordable price. The videos are superb quality and Grace’s karate is as good as it gets! This offers you all a wonderful opportunity to learn your katas in your own time at your own pace.