All the latest on plans for September/ ZOOM Grading / Instructor News


We would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the Karate Olympic Games competition. There have been plenty of activity sheets returned with the vast majority of students reaching the Gold award! There will be posted out today so should be with you Wednesday/Thursday. Thank you so much for taking part and we hope you learned a lot about WKF competitors and how bad all the Sensei’s are at counting in foreign languages!

When you receive your certificate, don’t forget to post a picture on our facebook group page!

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We a super response to our Squat Challenge with many of you completing thousands throughout August!

Our Squat Champion is Benjamin Wegg with 5105 squats completed! Outstanding work Benjamin. I will drop your trophy off very soon!


September will be press-up month. Each class will complete 30 press-ups. Please make a note of how many you have done and let us know at the end of the month, we are looking for our PRESS-UP CHAMPION and there is a trophy for the winner!


JKS England National Squad Coach and Karate legend Matt Price Sensei will teaching for us on Sunday 27th September from 10am-11am.

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These will continue throughout September and links will be put on a protected website page for you to join in. So far, as part of our partnership with JKS England and JKS Scotland, we’ve had the opportunity to train with Toyama Sensei, Makita Sensei, Okamoto Sensei, Kanayama Sensei, Nagaki Sensei, Yamaguchi Sensei, Watanabe Sensei plus many more.

Current line up includes:

  • Makita Sensei – Friday 4th September – 12.15pm
  • Inada Sensei – Saturday 5th September – 10.00am
  • Okamoto Sensei – Friday 11th September – 12.15pm
  • Nagaki Sensei – Saturday 19th September – 10.00am

Plus more may be added!!!!!


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Lorraine Schofield Sensei and Catherine Johnson Sensei have both taken the difficult decision to step down from their roles as Class Instructors. We would like to say a huge thank you to both ladies for all of their passion, dedication and commitment they have both shown to our Club. You have both been superb Instructors to your students and wonderful to work alongside.

It is always sad to be losing Instructors especially for the students whose lives they have been such a big part of. However, both ladies plan to continue to train in the Club so you will still see them from time to time. This affects quite a few classes and we are committed to finding suitable replacement Instructors so that you may continue to train and develop so watch this space! For now, if you were training with Lorraine Sensei on ZOOM, please help yourself to any other link on the day you usually train and you will be made most welcome!



A ZOOM grading will take place on Sunday 20th September. Booking will be available soon. If you have completed a minimum of 3 months and 20 lessons you would be eligible to grade providing you can complete the grading syllabus. Permission to attempt the grades of 2nd Kyu and 1st Kyu must be given by your Instructor. To attempt grades up to brown belt, you are able to put yourself forward.


ZOOM classes cost £6 per class per household pay as you go to be paid by BACS transfer. If you like to train more than once a week, you can pay £15 for the first two weeks for unlimited lessons.

The following timetable will run until Sunday 13th September.

Some classes will re-open on Monday 14th September. A full list and how to book your places online can be found here….. (link available soon).

Those that are unable to open, will be run on ZOOM with your usual Instructor so that we can all get back into our normal routines.

Payments can be made to our RTK account:

Account Name: Red Tiger Karate LTD

Account Number: 06954375

Sort code: 09-01-50

Thank you so much for your continued support!


License renewals can now be done online. Please check the EKF slip in the back of your license book and if your slip is out of date, you can renew it online and we will post your renewals straight out to your home address.