8 Red Tigers on the JKS England Squad

We have some brilliant news to kick off 2017!

Eight Red Tigers were put forward by Paul Wolstencroft Sensei to attend the JKS England Squad Selections at Leeds Karate Academy last Sunday and all eight were chosen by Head Coaches Matt Price Sensei and Nick Heald Sensei.

Our super 8 are:

  • Zak Thomas-Blackhurst – Kata and Kumite
  • Molly Austin Hogsden – Kata and Kumite
  • Callum Miles – Kata and Kumite
  • Louis Johnson – Kata
  • Matthew Affleck – Kata
  • Lori-Ann Moran – re selected for Kata and Kumite
  • Grace Baron – re selected for Kata and Kumite
  • Sam Jackson – re selected for Kata

We are very proud of you all and the hard work starts now. Well done.

They will be competing at a National level in competitions all over the UK.

If you are interested in competing externally with our squad then you’ll need to attend Red Tiger Squad Class every Monday from 7pm-8pm at Thornleigh Salesian High School, Sharples Park, Bolton. BL1 6PQ.

You need to be at least a 5th Kyu Purple belt with no minimum age requirements.

You’ll also be expected to enter 4-5 selected competitions throughout 2017.

The cost of this class is £6 per person.