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8-11-2015: Alan Campbell Sensei Course and Dan Grading

We held a special training course with Alan Campbell Sensei and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei on Sunday 8th November in Farnworth, Bolton. This was followed by our second Dan grading of the year for those students who were ready to attempt their Shodan Black Belts.
We want to thank everybody who was part of this very special event. The support was overwhelming with 109 students and Instructors training on the course in total, many of whom stayed back to support the 15 going for grading. This was our last big open event of the year and we cannot thank everyone enough for giving up their Sunday and training at the Course.
Alan Campbell Sensei Course
Big thanks also to Nicola Holland Sensei and Kath Tipton for signing all those license books. It certainly would have taken a while without their help!
Both Alan Campbell Sensei and Paul Wolstencroft Sensei delivered brilliant courses where the students got to work on Kihon drills using your lats, kumite drills, kicking drills, resistance bands training, Kata Junro Shodan, Kata Unsu and Kata Kakyoku Shodan. We all learned a huge amount and have a lot to improve upon.
The very best news of all is that out of 16 students who attempted Shodan – 16 were successful. 
Black Belts
To say that we are pleased with this result is an understatement and we are incredibly proud of all of the students who graded and their Instructors for getting them there. We all share in this massive achievement. Of course the students do the hard work on the day, but karate is hard. It is a long journey which at times can grind you down. You can be on the top of the world one minute and feel like you should be back at white belt the next.
Black Belts could not be achieved without the guidance and expertise of the Instructors and assistants, the parents and family members who motivate you week in, week out and lastly, the support of your fellow students who help to shape your karate along the way. It is a long and hard road but a very rewarding one.
It is important to publicly acknowledge all of the students who have reached their Black Belt and say a little about each person as they are all equally special and deserving in different ways. Congratulations to you all and remember Shodan means – beginners level. It’s not time to give up – it is where you start to relax a bit and more importantly – get really good! It is not the end, set more goals, help others repeat your success, strive to learn more, continue to improve our Club standards and become better. Your journey has to continue. Do not become one of the many people who got their Black Belt, then gave up. There is no worth in that. After all, if Paul Wolstencroft Sensei and all of the Instructors did that, you would not be able to follow their footsteps. Huge well done to you all and we are proud if each and every one of you.
Lewis Thomas – Shodan 
Lewis has been training in karate for over 7 years. he is quite shy and unassuming but there’s no doubt about it – his karate is amazing. He is particularly good at kumite and his movement and kicking ability is amongst the very best in the Club. We are delighted that Lewis has stuck it out for so long, he has shown great resilience over the years that will take him far in life. In the last twelve months, the improvement we have seen has been remarkable and he has become an outstanding student. He was awesome on the grading day and will look right at home wearing his new Black Belt. He has been training like one for a long time already! Well Done Lewis. Dads turn next!
Luke Wilson – Shodan 
Luke Wilson started karate with the very first batch of students at the Stonecough dojo which opened many years ago. Since then, various Instructors have come and gone but Luke has remained loyal, hard working and 100% motivated to reach his Black Belt. Some parts of karate do not come naturally to Luke and he has to work really hard to perfect everything. Luke has been working tirelessly with two top Instructors Emma Sensei and Callum Sensei who have both been through the pressure cooker that is the JKS Grading. They were perfectly placed to help Luke and make he was fully prepared. Luke was fantastic on the grading day and we are very proud of him. Wear your belt with pride!
Jake Ruding – Shodan
Jake has been training once a week, every week since the Helmshore dojo opened back in 2007. He has remained loyal and patient over the years and was never one to chase the grades. He puts in 100% effort every lesson and is a great role model to others. His behaviour and attitude is exemplary and we are delighted that he is a Black Belt. He is strong, powerful and resilient and despite feeling nervous, he did brilliantly throughout the grading. His Bassai Dai was particularly good and he has been working very hard to improve it. All of his patience and hard work has paid off now that he has earned his Black Belt and it won’t change him one bit. Good on you Jake, very pleased for you.
Sophie Panton – Shodan 
Sophie started karate with a certain Miss Lori-Ann Moran back in 2010 at the Bury class. She was fantastic on her first lesson – straight out into the splits and she is still fantastic today. It has taken her a little longer to reach Shodan, but once she got her opportunity, she was 100% determined to grab it with both hands! Sophie is a lovely young girl with very high ability and we push her hard in classes. She may not like this sometimes, but when you are super-talented, you have to meet your potential and recently Sophie has been doing this more and more. After a nervous start, she got into her stride and did really well. She has made us very proud of her and we want to see her efforts continue because Sophie still has incredible potential to fulfill. Well done missus!
Abby Fielding – Shodan 
Abby started karate over four years ago and has become one of our most dedicated juniors in the entire Club. Her parents are 100% behind everything she wants to do and they cover miles and miles every week to take Abby to training. This dedication is the reason why she has become so good. She put in one of the best performances on the day and looked very confident. Like Sophie, Abby has high ability so is pushed hard in classes. We expect more because she is very capable and she did not disappoint us on the day at all. An outstanding little student and an absolutely lovely young lady with a very bright future. She is a credit to both her parents and the Instructors who have taught her along the way both past and present. Well deserved Black Belt, congratulations missus.
Thomas Moran – Shodan
Thomas started his training at just 6 years old, he was a shy, quiet, angelic looking boy with lovely manners and lots of effort. Fast forward to now and he still has that lovely angelic face but has karate like dynamite! We are so pleased that Thomas has been devoting all his focus on karate and the results were exceptional. From the very first gedan barai, you could see that Thomas was 100% determined to not only pass the grading, but to stand out as one of the best there. His effort was superb and we couldn’t be happier for him and the Moran family who have been so supportive over the years. Well done Thomas, your Shodan is hard earned and well deserved. Thomas still has bags of potential and we look forward to helping him achieve more and more!
Catherine Clarebrough – Shodan 
Catherine has been training non-stop since 2010. She thoroughly enjoys her karate and you can see each time she achieves grades or medals at Tournaments just how much it means to her. Catherine struggles with self-confidence and has to work really hard to pick the syllabus up. She has been working tirelessly with Joni Longden Sensei to prepare herself both mentally and physically for this day and I don’t think we have ever seen anybody look more relieved that it was over. You can relax now Catherine as you have earned your Shodan and well and truly deserved it. She was a rock of support for both Jenny and Callum and we are really happy that they are our first ever Black Belts in the area.
Dave Robertson – Shodan
What a week for Dave Robertson. National Champion last weekend……. Shodan this weekend…….. It has been a brilliant end to a brilliant 2015 for one of our least experienced but most dedicated Instructors. Dave deserves everything that comes to him because not only is he an impressive karateka, he is a genuinely lovely man who cares deeply about his own training and the proper development of his students. He made a nervous start to the grading but the longer it went on, the better he got as he started to relax. Like Catherine, Dave has been instrumental in the grading preparation of Adam, Amelia and Louis. They really look up to Dave and follow his advice and so they should. He led by example and did an awesome job. Well done.
Daryl Brady – Shodan
Daryl was a another stand out performer. He was so fired up for the grading and in truth has been training like a black belt since he got his 1st Kyu. Daryl has had his eye on the goal and has taken no shortcuts, balancing shift-work and still ensuring that he trains 3-4 times a week – every week and it paid off for him in style on the grading day. Daryl is another lovely bloke who is always willing to help others and put them at ease. A true gent and a top karateka. Daryl would make a fantastic Instructor as not only is his karate very impressive – it actually works too. Well done Daryl.
Gary Mahood – Shodan
We are delighted that Gary completed his Shodan at this grading. He left the July grading feeling hugely disappointed, having passed only the kihon and kumite sections. But Gary is a very resilient person and he knew that the right decision had been made and he was capable of better. He has been working in detail on his katas and they were much improved this time around. Gary is a true gent and has been a loyal and committed member of our Club for the last 6 and a half years. During that time he has helped out in classes and is always friendly, welcoming and ready to help with any new members who come in. Congratulations Gary, enjoy wearing your belt knowing that you truly earned every inch of it.
Jenny Freeman – Shodan
Jenny has been training for the last 3 and half years and from the day she started, we have always had high hopes for this very promising young karateka. She has become Joni Longden Sensei’s very first white to Black Belt and her performance on the day was nothing short of excellent. After suffering from nerves all day, there were none in sight once she got up there and got started. There are a lot of young children in the classes she trains and and she sets a great example to others. She is focused, hard working and helpful. We rate Jenny very highly and know that if she continues to train and work hard she can achieve more and more. Well done missus.
Callum Bell – Shodan
Callum has been training for over 4 years and travels miles and miles every single to week to get great tuition off Joni Sensei. He has always been talented and hard working and he really did put in a superb performance to earn his Black Belt. Callum is a determined little fighter and over the years has proven himself by staying at the top of the pack at Lancaster and setting the right example to others. He is a wonderful young man who without doubt will achieve a lot in life. He shows great attention to detail and strives to get everything exactly how it should be. Congratulations Callum on your well deserved Black Belt.
Dominic Rostron – Shodan
Dominic started karate back in 2009 at the Walshaw class and is only the 2nd person from this dojo to have made it all the way to Black Belt. Dominic was very nervous to begin with and really had to try his best to relax and focus on what was expected of him. He did well in the kumite section and did some good katas. He is a very committed karateka and despite doing a number of other outside activities, he always makes time for his training and this is why he has managed to get so far. Dominic thoroughly deserves to be wearing that Black Belt and has made his family very proud of him.
Adam Karabedian – Shodan
Adam and Amelia Karabedian started at the very first Timperley class back in 2011. Ever since they have been excellent students, training 3-4 times a week – every week. They have always been impressive at gradings, tournaments and Cadet Leader classes. Adam has reached a very high level for his age. He is a little firecracker who will never give up. His karate is strong and he was determined 100% to do everything right and pass his grading on Sunday. He’s taken no shortcuts and has worked hard for everything he has. Adam did brilliantly and should be very proud of himself for reaching Black Belt so quickly. He can go on to achieve more and more as his potential is excellent. Well done Adam!
Amelia Karabedian – Shodan
Amelia is a beautiful young lady with brilliant karate. She was very nervous all day and there was really no need to be. She was excellent. Amelia has been preparing for this since her 1st Kyu and had learned the grading syllabus inside out. She has been training with such focus and like Adam, she has taken no shortcuts, been at every class and worked harder than ever. Their parents must be very proud of them both to see what lovely kids they have grown into over the years. Amelia was particularly impressive during the kumite and we feel that if she keeps up the effort and enthusiasm, she will go even further. She definitely has the potential. Well done Amelia, you are a star.
Louis Johnson – Shodan
Louis Johnson is an extraordinarily talented young man and this was obvious from his first few classes back at Lacey Green Primary School in 2011. He has gone on to become Student of the Year 2014 and is also RTK and JKS National Kata Champion. He has been training 3-4 times a week -every week for the last 4 years with his Mum Catherine. Louis always trains with focus and has exceptionally high ability especially when it comes to Kata. His katas are beautiful, with great attention shown to perfect every last detail and the results are just inspirational. If this is how good Louis is at just 11 years old, how good will he be at 16, 18 or even 21?  He has improved his kumite considerably recently in preparation for the grading to make sure there were no weak areas in his karate. An exceptional grading from a naturally gifted young man, you deserve that Black Belt so you should wear it with pride. Well done.
Huge thank you to Alan Campbell Sensei and Wendy Preston Sensei for taking the time to come to Manchester and do the course and the grading. the last big thank you goes to the Instructor team for helping the students get to where they are. It is a very special feeling to know that you have helped someone achieve something that means so much to them and their family and you should be immensely proud of being a part of that. Its one of the many reasons why we do what we do and we want to see our Instructors leading by example next year and earning their next Dan grades! Lets get on it!!!
Here a few pics I have pinched from facebook. Well done to you all.
Daryl Brady Black BeltAbby Fielding White to Black Belt
Lancaster Black Belts
Dave Robertson
Gary Mahood Kamae Belt
Lewis Thomas
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson White Belt